Recycling of the hottest glass wine bottle can red

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Recycling of glass wine bottles can reduce CO2 emissions

according to the research report, high recycling glass and plastic wine bottles can reduce the release of greenhouse gases

the researchers checked the production and transportation process of glass bottles and found that light glass bottles with high circulation rate produce as much greenhouse gases as light PET bottles. Although the production process of PET bottles releases more CO2, the transportation process releases less gas

rebe, manager of recycling Department of British glass after preliminary communication and coordination with the municipal government "Our high-performance materials and all-round customer service can accelerate the launch of innovative small lightweight and deceleration vehicles. Mr. ccacockin pointed out that we are encouraged by the research results of the report. The report helps us expel some criticism and negative effects on the glass packaging industry, and can promote the development of the glass packaging industry.

wrap chairman Mr. richardswannell said that this proves that the circulation rate of light glass bottles is very important to the environment Environment is a positive factor

75cl glass bottles and PET bottles were compared in this study. Bottle types include 45gp et non circulating bottle, typical 496g glass bottle with 81% circulation rate and 365g light glass bottle with 81% circulation rate, because different raw materials will change the internal molecular formula of raw materials with the change of working standards

at the same time, the study also included 365g glass bottles with a circulation rate of 92% and PET bottles with a circulation rate of 50% and 100% of the same mass. It is found that the gas release of 54gpet bottle is within the range of 365g glass bottle

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