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Launch of recruitment activities for IPPBX and all product agents in the flying sound era

the flying sound era officially launched a partner recruitment activity aimed at providing IP communication solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. As a leading provider of IP communication solutions in China, Beijing Feiyin times will provide excellent products, sufficient training and support, and ensure your marketing profits through strict price control and agent management system. CO2 is the main greenhouse gas

Beijing Feiyin times Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in the field of VOIP terminal equipment in China. Since 2007, Feiyin has focused on the development of VOIP terminal equipment, which is more than three times the national average level. Among them, single port, double port IAD equipment and IP phone products have been widely used all over the world. In the Korean market, it has achieved remarkable results that the market share of similar products exceeds 50%. Feiyin provides innovative and stable VOIP terminal products, including VoIP off, IP phone, wireless IAD, wireless IP phone, IP-PBX, etc

Feiyin focuses on R & D and innovation, and is one of the few companies in China that master the development and evaluation technology of commercial software DSP. As of december2012, Feiyin has obtained an invention patent and a number of utility model patents in the VoIP field. Feiyin is a national recognized high-tech enterprise and double soft certification enterprise. Feiyin's headquarters and R & D center are set up in Beijing, and a branch office responsible for production management and quality assurance is set up in Shenzhen

at the same time, the flying sound era has been actively promoting the development and application of asterisk, an open source IP-PBX software project, in China, and has funded the asterisk on MIPS Technology Forum. Feiyin started the research and development of IP-PBX in 2010. After two years, it took the lead in launching the integrated communication product apx5008, which integrates the functions of enterprise router and IP-PBX and is very suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. By implementing the IP communication solution in the flying sound era, it can not only effectively control the communication cost, but also integrate the existing resources of the enterprise to help the enterprise improve the office efficiency and enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise

as the agent of Feiyin, it can not only bring new development impetus to the enterprise, but also make it more widely used due to its strong diversity. It can also promote the more effective use of existing resources and provide customers with more perfect it system construction services

Feiyin times implements strict channel control and price control strategies. Feiyin times hopes to create a benign competitive environment in the enterprise IP network communication market through star agency operation, maximize the trust and reputation of partners and end users, and sincerely cooperate to create win-win value

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