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The house type of 90 square meters belongs to the standard two bedroom and two living room household type. According to the Xiaobian, this house type has a very high purchase rate among Wuhan owners. Many owners plan to buy and decorate their new houses after choosing to buy a house. So what style is suitable for the decoration of 90 square meters, two bedrooms and two living rooms? Our Wuhan Decoration Xiaobian recommends several home decoration styles that are very suitable for families to live in. Owners in need can take them as a reference

[family type map of two rooms and two living rooms with an area of 90 square meters]

editor's comment: the existence of pastoral style will make urban life more pastoral and realize the idea of returning to nature, so this kind of decoration has always been very popular in modern decoration

IV. American style

editor's comments: American style has a charm of style, which is very suitable for some owners with unique decoration taste. Similar to the above model room, it gives people a beautiful and far-reaching artistic conception like a painting

v. Chinese style

editor's comments: the traditional Chinese style decoration is very simple and simple. It integrates some traditional Chinese characteristics into the decoration, giving people a sense of national style and awe

Xiaobian summary: the decoration of 90 square meters has a variety of decoration styles, and the effects of different styles are different. When choosing a certain decoration style, the owner can refer to various model rooms to determine the effect of decoration

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