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On January 11, on the second day of the new year, haiikea welcomed its first new family, Mr. Li, and officially became the agent of haiikea diatom mud in Shipai town, Dongguan City. Coincidentally, on the eleventh day of the first month, the "son-in-law's Day" is also held in Binyang, Guangxi. On that night, the cannon Dragon Festival is held. The Long Cannon dragon is danced by everyone, which means that the coming year is prosperous and safe. Xiaobian also wishes Mr. Li's diatom mud business a prosperous and prosperous future and makes a lot of money; At the same time, haiikea diatom mud will be brought to Dongguan citizens, so that Dongguan citizens can have a healthy, environmental friendly and comfortable home environment

Mr. Li and manager Huang

about haiikea

haiikea functional diatom mud as the initiator and advocate of global functional diatom mud, in the face of such fierce competition, haiikea headquarters provides more high-quality service support for franchised agents: better cooperation mechanism, more perfect after-sales service, as well as building haiikea business school to cultivate talents with various skills, provide talent guarantee for franchised agents, so as to cooperate with customers, Business partners share the infinite business opportunities and wealth of haiikea diatom mud

I. perfect talent training system

in recent years, the market of functional diatom mud of haiikea has expanded, and the requirements for talent training have increased in the stage of rapid development, so a stable talent channel has been established. Haiikea's powerful channel system can rapidly improve all kinds of business skills of personnel in a short time when the opening period of the agent experience store is relatively tight. The experience store mainly depends on the quality of shopping guides, salesmen and decorators. Haiikea's perfect talent training system meets the requirements that the business skills of new employees can be rapidly improved in a short time, providing a strong backing for agents. Starting from the development needs of the experience store itself, complying with the changing trend of the market economy and strengthening talent construction is the strategic layout to win thousands of miles

second, standardized manufacturing, sales, construction, market operation talents

the content of the experience store talent training system, including the basic skills requirements of various positions in the experience store, and the basic knowledge system formed accordingly, plays an important role in guiding new personnel to actively improve their professional skills, and ultimately reflected in personal performance, economic benefits and brand benefits of the experience store. How to quickly deal with and solve the technical problems of construction in different places and speed up the training of local chemists also puts forward the requirements of speed and efficiency for talent training. The above situation fully shows that only a high-quality talent team can continuously supply all kinds of talents for agents and maintain the core competitiveness and rapid development of the company. In addition, only by accelerating the speed of talent training can we meet the talent demand of constantly opening new experience stores as soon as possible and improve comprehensive benefits. Focusing on the construction of talent training system, haiikea continuously manufactures standardized sales, construction and market operation talents. After several years of unremitting efforts, it has gradually formed a relatively perfect talent system

III. provide talent guarantee for career development

haiikea functional diatom mud headquarters adheres to the modern operation and management concept, implements the talent strategy to all levels of construction, sales and operation, and constantly optimizes the personnel quality structure; Do a good job in talent strategic planning and introduce talents through multiple channels; Strengthen team building and continue to strengthen the training of new personnel; After opening, the headquarters sent a regional manager to the store to guide the operation. Franchisees can provide paid support after coordination if they need additional manpower. Haiikea has always been committed to reducing operational risks for franchisees, and strives to create all kinds of professional talents to provide talent protection for the development of agents

haiikea functional diatom mud has passed the sampling inspection of technical indicators of the national building materials testing center and the international quality management system certification in the first batch, and all technical indicators are superior to the industry standards. It has successively won the honorary titles of "China's environmental protection building materials products", "China's famous brand of diatom mud", Guangdong satellite TV "consumer trust brand", "Guangdong famous brand" and other honorary titles, leading the functional diatom mud wall materials! The future development prospects are bright. Investors who are ready to invest in diatom mud brand are welcome to join us. The consultation hotline is 400-800-0207. Welcome to call




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