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On January 24, 2016, the 2016 New Year's reception of Lingxiu embroidery, the most influential and dynamic enterprise in the wall fabric industry, was grandly held in Haili Kaiyuan Mingdu Hotel

I happened to get together. On the coldest day in the south, the best company in the industry held the most exciting new year's party so far in the most upscale local hotel

the most influential and dynamic enterprise in the wall fabric industry - Lingxiu embroidered wall fabric 2016 New Year's party officially began at Kaiyuan Mingdu Hotel, Haili at 17:58 on the 24th

first, Ms. Wang Juan, general manager of Lingxiu production department, delivered a new year's greetings on behalf of the company's leadership. She reviewed the encouraging achievements made by the company in the past year, expressed sincere thanks to all employees, especially pointed out the contributions made by Lingxiu franchisees and thousands of shopping guides to the development of the company, and expressed her gratitude to them and friends from all walks of life who love Lingxiu

at the annual meeting, Lingxiu awarded honorary certificates and prizes to the excellent front-line employees in 2015. The development of collar embroidery is inseparable from the front-line production workers. The exquisite wall cloth products of collar embroidery are all made by these employees. Lingxiu attaches importance to employees in every position in the enterprise. Lingxiu is full of love everywhere, and there will always be rewards for your efforts

collar embroidery is a versatile family. The performance of this annual meeting was contracted by the family! They threw themselves into the performance heartily, which brought us laughter and touching, and also gave us the best wishes! Now, let's review some wonderful programs

the guys in the sales department are full of vitality and dynamism

a children's duet "a littie love" is full of childlike fun. My little sister is a special little actor

the world of meow stars is also full of vitality. The dance of beauties in the marketing department - "savadica"

is this a bit like gymnastics? You're mistaken. It's the dance "Chinese style"

the dance "sunny day in September", the production department brings us visual enjoyment

the production department's "collar embroidery three and a half sentences" is full of fun

the double reed "Happy New Year", a young and old, a man and a woman partner, the funny performance made me laugh

company parties and lottery are the most exciting links. When it comes to this link, everyone's hearts are tense, shouting their lottery numbers. It seems that if they shout the loudest, good luck will come

I won the lottery, and my smile blooms on every face. I'm the winner on the stage, and I don't know it off the stage

Mr. buxiaohua, chairman and general manager of the company, sent a New Year message to all leading embroiderers and delivered an important speech, pointing out the development trend of the industry and the grand strategy of leading embroidery, which was exciting

tonight, we gather together to talk about the chapter of spring; Tonight, we sing and laugh together to celebrate the joy of success. In the sign language performance "thank you" by the company's sales elites, the annual meeting came to an end

2015, we have been "moving forward with heart" and achieved gratifying results; "take-off" is our expectation for 2016. We believe that under the leadership of General Manager BU, Lingxiu people will surpass more and better goals, better implement the "integration of soft clothing", carry forward the embroidery culture to the world, make Haiyan people proud, Zhejiang people proud, and Chinese people proud

thank all the friends who helped and supported Lingxiu this year, and all the family members of Lingxiu for their trust and dedication this year. I wish you a wide range of wealth, good health and family happiness in the New Year




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