Application of marble in villa decoration

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[news] the villa is here “ Dwelling age ” It is a luxurious residence, and people yearn for loose living conditions. Therefore, when designers design, in addition to meeting the owners' exquisite pursuit of life, reasonable spatial positioning is also very important. Modern villas should reflect their own functionality, but this functionality has more luxurious habits and spiritual pursuit than ordinary apartments. Marble has a wide variety of colors, and has very artistic colors. Different marbles can reflect different spatial textures. Using marble as a laying material is the easiest to show and improve the decorative grade and effect. Therefore, more and more consumers prefer marble as a material. Different decorative interfaces are suitable for different ways. Because marble itself is heavy, it is rarely used in top decoration. Therefore, in terms of interior decoration, it is mainly discussed from the ground, wall surface and column surface

floor decoration

in the form of tiling, we should pay attention to the collocation of colors and the arrangement of directions. Using the natural texture of marble can change the indoor space form, foil the atmosphere, increase the vivid decorative effect, and change the visual scale of the space. For example, the vertical texture decoration makes the space visually high; Horizontal texture can increase the width of space; Rough and wide texture can also reduce the space; On the contrary, small patterns will expand the narrow space. For example, in the paving of the ground, if you want to make the space have a sense of depth, you should lay the marble texture along the length of the ground; On the contrary, horizontal paving will expand the space; In the wall, the marble with linear texture is extended horizontally, which makes people feel stable and reduces the height of the space; If the texture is tilted at a certain angle, it will give spatial flexibility. Different textures are paved in different ways, which brings different visual feelings to people

marble floor application

wall decoration

using marble as wall material can not only protect the appearance of the building, but also maximize the use of the characteristics of marble to decorate the space. The decoration of the wall is more flexible than that of the ground. For example, the decoration of the whole wall or the fireplace can make the wall concave convex and rhythmic through different shapes and the fall of space. It can also be processed through different processes. The columns mainly play a load-bearing role, and the abrupt cement columns destroy the aesthetics of interior decoration. In interior decoration, the decoration of columns is also very important. Using marble as the finishing of cement columns is incomparable to other materials. In addition to the decoration of the columns of the building itself, the space is usually divided by wrapping false columns, especially in the European style

marble wall use

skillfully use marble to create a different bathroom space

in recent years, with the increasingly clear functionality of housing, the function of bathroom is changing from traditional single function to all-round development of personal private life, and the decoration level of bathroom has almost become the evaluation standard of housing grade. The basic meaning of the word "bathroom" is to clean the body through bathing. This is a space that makes people imaginative, and it is also the place that best reflects the enjoyment of the owner in life. Modern bathroom design is closely linked to this theme

because the bathroom space is in a humid environment, it has high requirements for the waterproof and moisture-proof performance of materials. The waterproof and moisture-proof performance of marble has undoubtedly become the first choice of customers. It not only meets the waterproof and moisture-proof requirements, but also has excellent decorative effects, which beautifies the space to a great extent. The performance of marble is relatively soft and the price is also on the high side, but the patterns and colors are elegant and luxurious, highlighting the noble quality of the bathroom space. The choice of marble tends to be hard and dense. Try to avoid marble with soft material and high water absorption. Light colored marble is more tolerant to slight soapy water pollution than dark marble, so it is generally not recommended to use black and other dark marble in toilets and bathrooms, so the pollution degree of marble is relatively small. The bathroom space is mainly biased towards cool tones with simple and elegant colors to show cleanliness and hygiene. Marble has a high decorative value. What a wonderful effect it is as a paving and decoration in the bathroom

application of marble in bathroom

no matter where marble is used, we should pay attention to the connection and transition between materials. In addition, we should also pay attention to the appropriate construction methods for different interfaces. Especially when several interfaces adopt unified materials, we should pay more attention to how to distinguish them and make the whole space unified





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