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This August, the Rio Olympic Games are in full swing. Every athlete participating in the Games has a heart to win the championship, and the fierce competition is only to rush to the championship

this August, the Rio Olympic Games are in full swing. Every athlete participating in the Games has a heart to win the championship, and the fierce competition is just to rush to the championship. As a leading enterprise widely concerned in the door industry, Shandong Xindi home furnishing Co., Ltd. can't miss the "Olympic Games of door workers" --- the 16th China International Door Industry Exhibition/the 4th China International Integrated customized Home Furnishing Exhibition will be held in the new hall of China International Exhibition Center in Beijing from March 14 to 17, 2017

the powerful influence of "the first exhibition of global door industry" brings together major enterprises in the door and window home furnishing industry at home and abroad. The exhibition area of 120000 square meters will be strategically adjusted through the division of exhibition areas. The newly designated six special exhibitions will effectively aim at the docking of Commerce and trade. Shandong Xindi home furnishing Co., Ltd. will bring its two major brands, Xindi Jiamei and Shangpin, to the brand Hall of hall W1 of this exhibition with a super large special booth of 720 square meters

Xindi's two powerful brands have made a strong attack

Shandong Xindi home furnishing Co., Ltd. has two major brands that occupy an important position in the wood door industry, namely Xindi Jiamei and Shangpin Bense. The exhibition hall of Xindi is divided into two areas: Xindi Jiamei and Shangpin natural color. On the whole, the two brands will present diversified styles, fully demonstrating the modern cultural atmosphere of Shandong Xindi company. Although the styles are different, the production culture has inherited the spirit of Xindi home health and environmental protection. Through more than ten years of continuous R & D and innovation, Shandong Xindi home furnishing Co., Ltd. has won numerous honors, including China's famous trademark, the top ten eco door brands, the top ten ring certification enterprise of China's environmental logo, the 15 year meritorious enterprise of China's wooden door, the top 30 wooden doors, and the vice president unit of China wooden door association

expert in creating high-quality and healthy wooden doors

in terms of production, the products of the two brands belong to two different production processes

with the product positioning of "eco door manufacturing expert", Xindi Jiamei's design is themed and meets the psychological needs of consumers. Xindi Jiamei has abandoned the traditional coating process, and the finish adopts simulated leather surface, which is formed at one time by high temperature hot pressing, without paint, and is environmentally friendly. Xindijia Meimu door has achieved the ultimate in environmental protection

Shangpin's natural color is a high-end product, which has advanced splicing door technology, inlay color matching technology and carving hollowing technology. It comes from the unique flat structure of the Italian interior door system, and is built with the appearance of top design institutions. Every detail shows the perfect integration of minimalism and pragmatism. Let the wooden door have more texture and bring a comfortable experience to consumers

scientific marketing and service concept

Xindi Jiamei and Shangpin are both developing "partnership and win-win relationship" with agents to create a common career platform. Assist them in formulating marketing planning plans, establishing marketing teams, establishing marketing networks, providing systematic training and whole process guidance, as well as Xindi business school and brand planning team, which independently improve sales and make money for customers, to help dealers improve brand awareness and quickly increase market share

Xindi home takes innovative products as the core, provides users with a healthy and convenient lifestyle as the theme, adheres to high-end quality and high-end brands, and can completely stand on the perspective of consumers, creating artistic wooden doors with diverse colors and styles, which improves the quality of modern life for consumers

in 2017, Xindi opened a new chapter of high-end healthy wooden doors. Xindi, which is ready to go, will penetrate the Chinese market on the stage of Beijing door industry/customized Home Furnishing Exhibition and achieve new leapfrog development





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