The best weapon to make romantic cloth lighting

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After a busy day outside, you and your beloved one can finally have time to stay together and enjoy the night alone. How should you decorate the bedroom you have been used to, so that you can make him feel a trace of novelty, surprise and sweetness in this night? Lighting is a very good romantic weapon. A bedroom with ordinary decoration often makes a great difference because of the addition of a light source. Generally speaking, the main light source in the bedroom should not be changed frequently. What needs to be changed frequently is those auxiliary light sources, such as floor lamps, table lamps, hanging lamps, floor lamps, etc. In addition to bedding, the place you can touch is the bedroom curtain. If it is usually plain cotton, then it should be replaced with slightly gorgeous yarn or satin fabrics at this time; If it is usually a large pattern of rural style, then you should choose simple and elegant plain colors at this time. To bring him tenderness, we should start from bit by bit. Are your flannelette slippers very old? Go and buy two new pairs. It's best to put a complete set of lovers' slippers by his bed quietly before the night comes. Guess what kind of warmth he will feel? If there are only bedding and curtains, you may feel that the bedroom is still a little dull. It's better to add some lively small cushions on the bed, which will look more energetic. After all, the bedroom should be a place full of interest. Whether it is mature charm or naive interest, as long as it is different from the usual feeling, it will surprise the person you love. If you are the owner of high-end working fabrics or brands, you can also choose some relatively high-end brands. Of course, the price will also be very high-end! Placed in the bedroom has an extraordinary effect of elegance and luxury. Of course, most high-end brands provide customized services. If you want to customize a set of bedding that best suits you, you need to act quickly now

in the bedroom, the natural thing that can quickly change the face for the bedroom is the bed fabric supplies. For the bedroom owner who doesn't have much energy and time, just choose the sheets, quilt covers, pillowcases, etc. in a different style from usual, and he can immediately change the appearance of your bedroom. A set of bed cloth art has a faint sense of luxuriance on top of fresh colors. For the bedroom owner who doesn't like publicity, this kind of colored satin fabric is very suitable. Although it is also pure cotton, the high-density woven yarn makes the hand feel softer and more comfortable

the hazy orange halo brings warmth to the bedroom. The small shape is placed beside the bed, which is very convenient. The hazy light turns your bedroom into a garden of Eden. Choose decorative paper lamps, which are simple in shape and soft in light. Whether they are hung on the ceiling or casually stacked on the floor of the bedroom, they will immediately change the atmosphere of the bedroom. Moreover, you can also do it yourself, find some paint, and paint the white lampshade in color according to your own wishes. This is also a fun in the world of two! The blue flower shape brings a quiet and fresh feeling to the bedroom. If you want to create some festive atmosphere in your bedroom while creating a romantic atmosphere, you should choose a red lantern with a festive atmosphere for the Spring Festival. In the movie "red lanterns hanging high", lighting red lanterns is also a symbolic scene in the bedroom. We can also use it for reference. Just light a red lantern, hang it in front of the window, and let the red halo sprinkle on every corner of the bedroom, so that both people's hearts are intoxicated in the beautiful night &hellip& hellip;





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