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There are advantages and disadvantages for traditional printing enterprises to practice printing electronics

printing electronic products have the characteristics of popularization, low cost, flexibility and lightness. In this increasingly realistic market, many electronic product enterprises and printing enterprises have opportunities, and traditional printing enterprises are no exception

it can be used as the next experimental system for printing enterprises to practice printing electronics, with both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that you can have some self-confidence if you understand printing, but the disadvantage is just here. If you can't get rid of your habitual thinking and still insist on using the traditional printing method to make printing electronics, ignoring that the requirements of materials, processes, equipment and production environment have changed, you will pay a high tuition fee. Therefore, traditional printing enterprises participating in the field of printing electronics must be reborn, not only the upgrading of technology, but also the production environment, product testing methods and technologies, market channels and other aspects

traditional printing enterprises have entered the LED industry and the solar photovoltaic industry, which are widely used in the field of printing electronics. In terms of production technology and increasingly close cooperation with parts manufacturers and automobile OEMs, they must make corresponding adjustments according to the material and product performance requirements. Therefore, there are many technical transformation problems to face. Printing electronic functional ink has high added value and high price. 3. Specification of metal anchor rod and anchor cable test piece: anchor rod Φ 16~ Φ 24mm; Diameter of anchor cable body Φ 15~ Φ The cost of 24mm is high. If traditional printing equipment is used, the ink path is very long, and a lot of ink is consumed each time. Therefore, the ink transmission, ink control device and system should be transformed. Taking the conductive ink as an example, the required sintering temperature and its role in the post press processing of printed electronic products are different from those of traditional printing ink drying temperature, which also means that the post press equipment and process should be adjusted

all over the world, printing electronics are in the state of exploration and unprofitable. It is almost impossible to hear of any enterprises that are making money by printing electronic products. We are concerned about the future and a rapidly growing market

within three to five years, I think printed electronic products such as printed sensors, printed antennas and flexible display drive circuits will develop the fastest. As for the photovoltaic field, solar cells may be a little slower, but the research and development of printed batteries will make rapid progress

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