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On April 27, Tianxi coal to liquid branch of Jincheng Anthracite Mining Group Co., Ltd. announced: after nearly three years of operation, China's first set of pressurized chemical industry for transporting ash fusion fluidized bed pulverized coal enlightenment 3: the continuous operation time of the "tall and high" model device by salespersons exceeded 100 days for the first time, It set the longest record of continuous and stable operation for 112 days. According to caoyongkun, general manager of the company, the coal based synthetic oil produced by the unit has reached the National IV standard for vehicle fuel, and all consumption indicators have reached the design level

the pressurized gasification technology of pulverized coal in ash agglomerating fluidized bed is a patented technology invented by Shanxi Institute of coal chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The raw material is inferior "three high" anthracite with high sulfur, high ash and high ash melting point. In June2009, the first domestic 100000 t/a synthetic oil demonstration project based on this technology completed all processes and produced qualified No. 93 gasoline. It is reported that among the domestic enterprises using the pressurized gasification technology of pulverized coal in the ash agglomerating fluidized bed, Tianxi company is the only enterprise that has realized the commercialization and scale of the technology and the continuous and stable operation of the device

Zhou Guang, chief engineer of Tianxi company, told us that in the past three years after the unit was put into operation, in order to prolong the continuous and stable operation time of the unit, they have carried out more than 200 modifications to continuously improve and improve the production system. In order to realize energy recycling and reduce consumption, they have built "three wastes" boilers that burn waste slag, waste gas and waste ash to effectively treat and utilize gas making slag and waste gas; Centrifugal compressor units are selected for large compressor units such as raw material gas compressor to reduce the number of equipment and improve the overall efficiency of energy utilization; Make full use of the waste heat and reaction heat by-product steam of gas generation, conversion, methanol synthesis and other systems, and recycle the exhaust gas from synthesis, methanol to gasoline (MTG) and other workshops as the heat source of the dryer. It can minimize the waste of high cost. In addition, they also use Claus sulfur recovery unit to recover the hydrogen sulfide gas discharged from the purification plant to produce high-quality sulfur

after several years of exploration and practice, Jincheng Coal Group has accumulated rich experience in coal to oil production, and the operation quality and benefit of the production system have been significantly improved: the ash agglomerating gasifier is in stable operation, with 7 boilers in operation, 5 for standby and 2 for standby; The methanol to oil unit can operate safely and stably for a long period, and the production load reaches more than 95% of the design capacity; All consumption indexes of the device reach the design level; The coal based synthetic oil produced meets the National IV standard for high-definition clean vehicle fuel. Due to lack of understanding of the material, Guoliang copper factory (hereinafter referred to as Guoliang copper) is located in Qinglong Township, Yingjing County, Ya'an City, Sichuan Province; Finally, the continuous operation record will be increased from 70-80 days to 112 days

Wu Huatai, chairman of Jincheng coal industry group, told: "during the 12th Five Year Plan period, Jincheng coal industry group will build another one million ton coal to liquid park on the existing basis. After the new park is completed and put into operation in 2015, 7.5 million tons of "three high" low-quality coal can be used every year to produce 1million tons of clean fuel and 150000 tons of liquefied petroleum gas

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