Recycling and strategy of packaging waste in China

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Recycling and Strategies of packaging waste in China (Part 2)

III. Strengthening the management of packaging waste in China and establishing a recycling and treatment system

1. Packaging waste recycling and treatment system model

reasonable treatment of packaging waste is an important measure to reduce its pollution to the environment and save resources. This makes the "packaging life cycle" not only include the four links of packaging design, manufacturing, circulation and consumption, but also include the treatment of packaging waste. The following is the schematic diagram of packaging waste generation, reuse and treatment:

it can be seen from the above that the reasonable treatment of waste should start from the following three aspects:

(1) the reasonable treatment of packaging waste in packaging production and circulation: ① during packaging design and manufacturing, the packaging containers should be reused as much as possible to turn waste into treasure, easy to recycle, and no harmful substances will be generated in the treatment stage; ② To prevent the use of packaging with excessive functions; ③ Establish a packaging, production and circulation system that saves resources and energy. In principle, the waste generated by enterprises shall be reused after being recycled by enterprises, and the final discharge of waste shall be strictly controlled

(2) reasonable treatment of packaging waste in commodity consumption: it is required to enhance environmental protection awareness, change values, adopt reasonable packaging that saves resources, and require consumers to actively support the reuse of packaging waste after discharge, such as the packaging waste that may be reused should be included in the waste recycling system and no longer be discarded as urban waste

(3) treatment of packaging waste after discharge: ① it is required to establish a reasonable collection system that can be accepted by the public and meet the local reuse conditions; ② It is required to maintain environmental sanitation through effective collection and handling, and strive to save energy consumption during transportation; ③ Recycle waste packaging that can be reused and recycled, and packaging that cannot be reused and recycled by incineration and landfill; ④ In incineration treatment, secondary public hazards should be prevented as much as possible and the reuse of waste should be promoted; ⑤ For the waste that must be finally landfilled, its quantity and volume shall be reduced as far as possible, and it shall be harmless to protect the environment around the treatment site

therefore, the treatment of packaging waste should first try to reduce waste; Secondly, the pretreatment of packaging waste before discharge; Finally, the treatment after the discharge of packaging waste can greatly reduce the environmental pollution caused by packaging waste

2. Discussion on the structure of packaging waste recycling system into its operation mechanism

the packaging industry is a cross departmental and cross regional industry. The establishment of China's packaging waste recycling system should be based on laws and regulations. The packaging industry, the national environmental protection department and the national sanitation department should coordinate with each other to standardize the behavior of packaging producers, commodity producers, sellers and consumers, clarify the status, obligations of packaging producers, commodity producers, sellers and consumers in the system, and classify and recycle packaging waste Manage the disposal of packaging waste. In addition, the establishment of a packaging waste recycling system also requires investment in resources and technology

the national environmental protection department has made it clear that commodity producers should bear the cost of packaging waste treatment. The competent department of the packaging industry shall conduct environmental assessment according to the packaging of the packaging producers. Commodity producers apply to the environmental protection department for "environmental label", and the environmental protection department will charge fees according to the environmental evaluation results of packaging by the competent department of the packaging industry, that is, commodity producers will bear the processing fees of packaging waste by paying the use fees of "environmental packaging label". The packaging with "environmental label" shall be incorporated into the unified packaging waste recycling and treatment system for treatment after being discarded. In addition, the used transport packages and sales packages of producers, sellers and consumers shall be classified and stored for recycling by the environmental sanitation department

the environmental sanitation department is in line with the packaging waste classification and recycling department or organization. It not only provides classified garbage cans, transportation equipment, etc., but also transports the classified packaging waste to the recycling station for classification and packaging, and finally to the packaging waste treatment system for separate treatment. Those that can be reused and recycled are transported to various recycling plants (such as plastic recycling plants, aluminum recycling plants, glass plants and paper mills) for recycling, Public waste that cannot be reused or regenerated shall be incinerated to utilize the heat energy generated or landfilled. At the same time, the environmental sanitation department shall feed back the information on the treatment of packaging waste to the environmental protection department, so that the environmental protection department can put forward reasonable opinions and suggestions on relevant laws and regulations, improve laws and regulations, and improve the whole packaging waste recycling and treatment system

at the initial stage of the implementation of the system, it will lead to an increase in product costs. However, the environmental labeling system is due to the fact that its two large upstream chemical projects in the Gulf of Mexico and Saudi Arabia were fully completed and put into operation last year. License fees are charged according to the weight and volume of packaging, the reuse and regeneration value of waste packaging and the degree of environmental pollution caused by packaging waste, which will encourage packaging producers to develop and save resources, New materials for the production of the latest engine ge9x, which are conducive to recycling, encourage commodity producers to design packaging reasonably and avoid excessive packaging. The packaging industry and environmental sanitation departments actively develop packaging waste treatment technologies in order to obtain more benefits from packaging waste. In the long run, these measures will help to reduce product costs. More importantly, they will produce good social benefits - saving resources, energy and reducing environmental pollution

3. External conditions for improving and perfecting the recycling and treatment system of packaging wastes 3.1 formulate regulations on packaging wastes and strengthen national macro management

the developed countries' approach of "relying on the market for economy and the government for environmental protection" is worth learning from. In the case of limited economic level and weak awareness of environmental protection, the source of pressure mainly comes from the flow of hydraulic oil, the macro management of the government, the formulation of relevant laws and regulations, and the combination of tax, product price, enterprise credit and recycling to show the demand indicators of the automotive industry for various materials and process markets. These economic means are an effective means and guarantee for the smooth progress of packaging waste recycling. On the one hand, strengthen management and restraint: even if China cannot implement the policy of "pollution before treatment" in developed countries, it cannot implement the road of high investment and high-tech control. On the other hand, the state needs to carry out certain intervention and macro-control on the production of enterprises, which is the guarantee for the correct treatment of packaging waste

the existing general rules for the treatment and utilization of packaging wastes is a very important basic standard in the work of packaging standardization in China. However, it is difficult for China to give the recovery rate and quantitative value proposed in similar EU regulations or German decrees at this stage. As for the recycling and treatment system, the general principles do not stipulate the consequences of its failure to perform and the quantity standards that should be recycled, which does not impose too much constraints on them. It is only that the recycling of commodity packaging waste is a spontaneous behavior, lacking necessary compulsion. Therefore, it should clearly put forward the principle of "Whoever pollutes will be responsible for the treatment of waste, and whoever packages will be responsible for the treatment of waste" and the consequences of its failure to perform. In addition, Articles 17 and 18 of the law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste clearly stipulate that product producers, sellers and users should recycle recyclable product packages and containers in accordance with relevant national regulations, but there are no specific provisions on recycling and utilization

therefore, the regulations on packaging waste should implement "prevention first, combination of prevention and control" and "Whoever pollutes will govern", clarify the specific requirements of relevant parties, and point out the recycling indicators of packaging waste, relevant specific recycling regulations and recycling objectives

3.2 strengthen publicity and education, establish the awareness of national participation

to establish a packaging waste recycling system, first of all, mobilize the public to actively cooperate with the recycling of packaging waste. Only with the active participation of the public can the classification of packaging waste be realized. The United States divides plastics into seven categories to facilitate residents' selection and recycling. In many countries, garbage cans of different colors are placed on the streets, and different types of garbage are classified. In China, we should also adopt feasible waste classification methods, which is the premise of recycling packaging waste

the long-term plan to improve the environmental awareness of the whole people lies in the environmental education of the whole society. There are two ways to improve the environmental awareness: one is to naturally improve with the improvement of living standards, and the other is the catalysis of the outside world. The high public awareness of environmental protection in developed countries belongs to the former situation. However, our country now relies on environmental education for the whole people to promote public awareness of environmental protection. Environmental protection education is not only carried out in the production field, but also in schools, national economy and various fields, and runs through a person's life. The significance of improving environmental awareness and public participation goes beyond the waste disposal itself

IV. conclusion

China is short of resources and energy, and the accumulation of waste is rising, forcing the packaging industry to adhere to the development model of "recycling oriented". In addition, the recycling of packaging waste is also of great significance for environmental protection, rational utilization of natural resources and unified coordination of ecological and economic benefits. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a scientific and reasonable recycling system based on the market, strengthen the construction of laws and regulations on packaging waste and the national macro-control. Of course, it is also necessary to improve the people's awareness of environmental protection

protecting the ecological environment is the common responsibility of all mankind today. For the packaging industry, it can be said that packaging waste is an important source of pollution to the environment. Based on this point, China should not only do a good job in the effective recycling of packaging resources, but also speed up the development and research of new green packaging materials and products, which is the objective need to adapt to the "green revolution" wave sweeping the world. We must also be soberly aware that the "green revolution" is not only a historical necessity, but also a wise move for human beings to explore their own survival. At the same time, it is also a major change in concepts, materials, production and consumption

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