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Reuse of waste steel barrels and safe welding and cutting method one of the most important uses of waste steel barrels is the restructuring of steel barrels. There are many forms of restructuring, which can be summarized as follows:

1. Making other products from old barrel steel plates

the old steel barrel is disassembled into three parts by gas cutting, namely, the barrel top, barrel bottom and barrel body, and then the unusable parts are cut off, and the usable parts are cleaned and flattened. The flattening material can be used as the blank of other products and can be made of thermoplastic and hot joining process plates

2. It is transformed into a steel barrel with small capacity

due to the collision during transportation and use of old steel barrels, the barrel body often has pits and deformation, and the edge banding between the barrel body and the top and bottom of the barrel is also deformed, which is difficult to be rounded. In order to use it to manufacture new steel barrels, one method is to cut the top and bottom of the barrel along the curling edge, clean the barrel body and then re turn the edge, add the new top and bottom of the barrel, and then roll and seal it. In this way, the steel barrels produced are lower in height and smaller in capacity than the old barrels. The eliminated top and bottom of small and medium-sized battery enterprises in old barrels can be used to make the top and bottom of steel barrels with smaller diameter, or other products

3. It can be made into daily necessities with a little modification

put the old steel barrel on the roof as a water storage tank, and weld the inlet and outlet pipes to make simple tap water; The steel barrel is cut along the diameter from the barrel body to make a washing basin; The steel barrel is cut along the axis and can be used as a trough for livestock. In rural areas, some people use it as a bathtub; Open a large opening above the barrel and weld a valve at the bottom of the barrel, then it can be placed on the tricycle as a tool for pulling and storing water; Some people use it as a water tank for solar water heaters or showers...

the reuse value of waste steel drums is very high, but the restructuring process is sometimes complex and often dangerous. In China, there are often accidents and parameters during steel barrel Restructuring: mainly explosion accidents of combustion and beneficial to the continuation, health and rapid development of the company

because the steel barrel reform is generally inseparable from the welding and cutting operation, when welding and cutting the steel barrel, the explosion accident is often caused by the residual gasoline and flammable gas in the barrel contacting the welding and cutting flame. For some welding and cutting operations on steel drums, measures such as demolition, cleaning and replacement must be taken before welding and cutting operations can be carried out

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