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With more products and more solutions, Zhengqi technology once again dressed up to attend the 2007 Guangzhou International Industrial Control Exhibition. The atmosphere of the spring of 2007 is still spreading, and the grand banquet of the automation industry - Guangzhou International Industrial Control Exhibition was grandly held in Guangzhou Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center on March 7. Guangzhou Zhengqi technology came to Guangzhou again to welcome this exhibition with new products and new atmosphere

the simpler the use and operation of the torsion meter, the better.

as early as last year, Guangzhou Zhengqi technology officially became the only signed agent of face in South China. At this exhibition, Zhengqi technology, together with the high-end human-machine interface products of Japan's face, exhibited products from 3.8 inches to 15 inches, which are more than three kinds of products with strong functions and rich interfaces. The new product controls the speed of the experiment by rotating the opening size of the oil delivery valve (oil inlet) and the oil return valve (oil return), which is deeply loved by new and old customers. In the new year, Zhengqi will stabilize this hot market in South China with higher enthusiasm and marketing services

touchview brand text display/industrial display and industrial military display products have been widely used in the industry. Md204l has stable performance, simple operation and good cost performance. It can be connected with all kinds of mainstream PLC. It is widely used in special single machine small systems in light industrial machinery, packaging and printing, energy and environmental protection and other industries

you can see all kinds of industrial control products of Advantech on Zhengqi's booth. Advantech is one of the leading manufacturers in the industrial control industry. It keeps innovating and considers from the perspective of customers. Its product series are rich and complete, and its quality service is deeply trusted by customers. With in-depth understanding of customers and high-quality service, Guangzhou Zhengqi technology continues to provide customers with more suitable solutions, and has become the core partner of Advantech in South China. Zhengqi constantly pursues progress and provides newer and more practical products

in terms of hardware, Zhengqi has a complete range of products and provides one-stop procurement. Similarly, Zhengqi attaches importance to software. In 2007, KINGVIE will vigorously sell and promote KINGVIE's industrial configuration software using lubricated insulating pipe protection or lining the inner hole of the pipe orifice with soft insulating ring W

with the addition of software, Guangzhou Zhengqi technology has gradually become a professional company integrating sales and systems, serving every customer

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