Moon cake packaging war starts before the Mid Autu

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The moon cake packaging war started before the Mid Autumn Festival

although it is still two and a half months away from the Mid Autumn Festival, the smoke of gunpowder in Shanghai "moon cake big has begun to spread quietly when more than 25 brands in the sharing bicycle industry have entered the competition". "Now there are 70 or 80 moon cake manufacturers who place orders with us." Yang Datian, general manager of Shanghai Dazhou Packaging Printing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Dazhou), revealed yesterday that as early as March and April, packaging companies began to collect the design patterns of autumn moon cake boxes, or collect the patterns of moon cake packaging boxes (bags) through various internal media, striving to win the "moon cake war" this year

"we never make luxury packaging, even if it is required by customers." Yang Datian said that the packaging price of Shanghai Dajiang's moon cakes is generally controlled within 40 yuan. Although the packaging profit of gift boxes with hundreds of yuan is higher, the company still pushed out many businesses for environmental protection and other reasons

when 90% of moon cake packaging enterprises with plastic products for entertainment in the current market have suffered losses for consecutive years, how has Shanghai Dazhou maintained its leading position in the industry for more than 9 consecutive years? "Unlike other moon cake packaging enterprises, we only do moon cake packaging." Yang Datian pointed out that as a packaging enterprise, its main task is to help businesses occupy the market more effectively. "Even if our price is about 20% higher than that of other manufacturers, as is the case at present, what we buy at this high price is the added value of wisdom after packaging, which integrates various elements such as advertising, printing, marketing and so on."

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