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With the development of science and technology, the inorganic waterproof coatings of film covering type and crystal penetration type will be more applied in the future bridge construction. The waterproof technology combining structural self waterproof concrete and flexible waterproof coatings (such as polyurethane waterproof coatings) has been applied in engineering. For structures that have been in wet parts for a long time, the application of elastic coatings will increase. Its varieties will be mainly based on the combination of waterborne acrylic coatings or waterborne acrylic cement composite coatings, and low PVC elastic emulsion paint as the composite coating of surface coating

at present, people's living standards are improving, and their awareness of environmental protection is also increasing. Environmental protection is the basic principle that human beings need to jointly abide by in the development of modern industry. The rear chuck seat can move left and right on the frame. Foreign waterproof coatings are developing towards water emulsion and environmental protection, such as the development of high-performance water emulsion polymer modified epoxy coal tar paint, water emulsion polyurethane waterproof coating, etc. However, the market share of water emulsion polymer modified asphalt waterproof coating in China is still very low, and the production technology of water emulsion polyurethane waterproof coating is not mature, which is still in the development stage of the laboratory. The waterproof coatings with mature technology in China are polymer lotion waterproof coatings and polymer cement waterproof coatings. With the introduction of foreign commodities and the demand of China's waterproof coating market, cement polymer modified asphalt waterproof coating and water emulsion polyurethane waterproof coating will receive further attention and development

in recent years, foreign countries have been committed to developing high-performance waterproof coatings with cement as the carrier and adding active chemical catalytic substances for modification. This kind of coating ensures that the power supply voltage meets the specified input voltage value of the tension machine. The most prominent advantage is that it will not emit substances that pollute the environment in the process of production, construction and application, which meets the requirements of environmental protection

in addition, developing multifunctional waterproof coatings is also a must for coating manufacturers. It is reported that during the Ninth Five Year Plan period, China focused on the development of polyurethane waterproof coating, polymer lotion cement waterproof (1) universal material testing machine coating and rubber modified epoxy coal tar paint with high solid content. In the coming period, the development direction of new varieties of waterproof coatings in China will be high-performance and multifunctional coatings. Industrial developed countries have begun to develop towards multifunctional waterproof coatings. For example, the aluminum powder lotion reflective coating and white polyacrylate reflective coating from the United States and France can not only waterproof, but also reflect sunlight and ultraviolet rays, reduce the temperature of building structures and extend the service life of the coating. In the future, heavy-duty anti-corrosion, heat insulation and precision reflective waterproof coatings will be valued and welcomed

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