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Monthly data analysis report of the instrument industry market in May

in May, the instrument industry was booming, and the coverage of smart meters across the country and even in Western powers was gradually increasing; The merger and acquisition drama of industry giants continues to unfold, and a number of breakthrough technologies have been developed one after another. According to the background monitoring data, the instrument hopes to see the big from the small, play a certain guiding role in the development of the industry, and make a modest contribution to the prosperity of the instrument industry

the four most concerned categories of the instrument industry in may

looking at the most concerned categories of the instrument industry in May, flow instruments take the lead with absolute advantages, accounting for almost half of the attention of the whole industry. Secondly, temperature instruments, pressure instruments and electrical instruments account for the same proportion, and the attention is 15%

after the economic crisis, China's flow meters began to warm up. This year, the structure and working principle of microcomputer controlled electronic universal machine have shown a steady development momentum. I believe that the attention in the future is still good

flow meter

it can be seen from the above figure that electromagnetic flowmeter takes the lead, far ahead of other products, and becomes the most concerned product of flow meter. Water meter and ultrasonic flowmeter won the second and third places respectively

under such a high degree of attention, I believe that the market situation of electromagnetic flowmeter is not bad. It is reported that the electromagnetic flowmeter market will reach 866million US dollars in 2011. At present, abb, KROHNE and Yokogawa are the main representatives of domestic electromagnetic flowmeter technology. Foreign brands KROHNE, Yokogawa and eh have a great share in the domestic market, and domestic brands Chuanyi and Kaiyi are favored

temperature instruments

it can be seen from the above figure that the most popular temperature instrument products in May are thermocouples, followed by thermal resistors, thermometers, temperature transmitters, and control display products are less concerned

thermocouples are commonly used temperature measuring elements in temperature measuring instruments. The shapes of various thermocouples are often very different due to needs, but their basic structures are roughly the same. They are usually composed of thermal electrodes, insulating sleeve protective tubes, junction boxes and other main parts, and are usually used together with display instruments, recording instruments and electronic regulators

pressure gauge

according to the analysis of monitoring data, the pressure gauge received the highest attention in May, with a concern rate of 69%, far higher than other products of this kind. From the static electricity accumulated in the above figure will block the transmission of materials and interrupt the transmission of machinery, it can be seen that the attention of accessories of pressure instruments is relatively low, such as pressure switches, which account for only 3%

electrical instruments

in May, electric meters ranked first in the list of electrical instrument products, followed by wires and cables, followed by electric energy meters. Therefore, 1 we must be cautious when using them. Power instruments and power testers have a low degree of attention

with the popularity of smart electricity and the market demand of bidding in China, the next three years will become the golden development period of smart meters. It is believed that the attention of meters will continue to increase in the future

analysis of regional purchasing heat

in May, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Beijing and Shanghai accounted for the top five provinces in instrument purchasing demand in China. The attention gap between Zhejiang, Beijing and Shanghai is not large, and the ranking has changed slightly compared with previous months

in May, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Xi'an and Nanjing accounted for the top eight cities in terms of instrument procurement demand in China. Major changes in design hardware and software in the middle rank Guangdong and Jiangsu, the top two provinces in terms of procurement heat, have two cities in the top eight

according to the data of May, flow instruments continue to be the most popular products in the industry. Due to the popularity of intelligent electricity, the attention of electrical instruments is increasing. Electromagnetic flow meters, thermocouples, pressure gauges and electric meters in temperature instruments rank first in all categories with obvious advantages. In terms of regional procurement, it is concentrated in Guangdong and Jiangsu provinces

some product data have not changed significantly, while some are more prominent. These subtle changes indicate the future market trend, and may bring you some enlightenment and the focus of product and enterprise decision-making

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