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Monthly summary of the European mechanical pulp and paper market

the European printing paper manufacturers association (cepipint) announced the monthly summary of the mechanical pulp and paper market in October on November 27, 2006. The amplitude range of 2006 is large, and October is optimistic for most paper varieties. Compared with 2005, the demand for paper increased by 4.1%. After October, although Eastern Europe still showed a large growth, the growth in the western region was only slightly higher than 2%. PM -- edge pressing strength of corrugated board (n/m). In addition, domestic demand will restrict the export of paper

sc magazine paper demand continued to grow, with an increase of 8.1% in October. Exports also maintained a strong growth trend

the coated mechanical pulp and paper has completely entered a strong seasonal demand period. In October, demand increased by nearly 4%, and total shipments increased by 2.5%. This led to a year-on-year increase of 1.7% in demand and 0.5% in delivery. Other uncoated mechanical pulp paper was the only paper with negative growth in October, due to its continuous degradation from high whiteness paper to standard paper and some other long-term decline in quality. However, after October, the total shipment volume is still optimistic. (Guo Caiyun)

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