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pp Market Review in June and outlook in July

according to the information of relevant parties in the industry, the current situation of polypropylene market at the end of June:

domestic market: in June, the price situation of domestic polypropylene market fluctuated and changed subtly. At the beginning of the month, on the one hand, due to crude oil, ethylene, propylene The rising prices of styrene and other monomers continue to push up the prices of five general-purpose plastics, including polypropylene; On the other hand, with the rise of market prices, the market demand is on the contrary, and the overall trading volume is significantly reduced. After all, it is a low demand season, and the operating rate of downstream factories is generally low, so there is a certain degree of resistance to price increases; At the same time, traders operate cautiously. According to previous knowledge, they generally reflect that there is no quantity of price, and the price rise has encountered resistance

in late June, the market atmosphere of polypropylene began to weaken, and the price of general material fell by about 100 yuan/ton, but the overall price trend at the end of the month remained stable. On the one hand, there was news that the price of propylene showed signs of rebound; On the other hand, the assessment of production and marketing rate of petrochemical enterprises is also coming to an end. Local market prices are more concentrated at the price of 6900-7000 yuan/ton. The factors driving the rapid rise of propylene monomer price in the early stage have subsided. According to the latest news, the transaction price of propylene in the market has fallen to less than 500 US dollars/ton. However, at present, the external quotation of polypropylene is still strong. Except that the quotation of Korean goods is 700 US dollars/ton, the quotation of other manufacturers is 650-660 US dollars/ton, which has always supported the research of domestic Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. on the experimental machine. The quotations of major domestic manufacturers have not changed significantly, and the supply of goods is still tight

polypropylene market outlook in the third quarter

the atmosphere of polypropylene market adjustment in July is still very strong. After the decline of propylene monomer price, the import quotation of polypropylene has not increased for the time being. 197 polyvinyl chloride (PVC) doors and windows support power, and there is no pressure on the inventory of domestic general-purpose materials manufacturers, so the market will not fall sharply. However, Yanhua general-purpose materials resumed production at the end of June, and the market prospect is not very optimistic, The market price will likely continue to adjust downward, and the market price will mainly hover around 6500-6800 yuan/ton, mainly based on the reasonable domestic inventory, and the decline of monomer prices will have a great impact on the quotation of imported goods in July. At present, the quotation of most factories is the same as that in June, but it is still higher than that in the domestic market. Some traders expect that the quotation will be adjusted downward. Among the goods that have recently arrived in Hong Kong, the cost of some ocean going goods is low, and some traders have the idea of cash out, which is detrimental to the market. From August to September, as some downstream polypropylene manufacturers prepare materials, the market may start the second round of peak sales season

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