More and more made in China enter the overseas mar

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More and more made in China enter the overseas market through leasing

more and more made in China enter the overseas market through leasing

people were more concerned about technology and methods before. China Construction machinery information

a new 1100 standard container ship was successfully launched at the Yangtze River Shipyard a few days ago. The new ship was ordered by Greek libory group and constructed by China Yangtze River Shipyard. Unlike in the past, the leasing company played an important role in the ship ordering process: ICBC leasing, China's largest leasing company, was responsible for financing, and then provided the ship to libory group in the form of leasing

liulanbiao, director of the China financial leasing Research Center at Nankai University, said that "made in China", especially the high-end new production capacity, needs large-scale funds because there is no waste paper import quota to support the equipment manufacturing industry to "go global". Financial leasing companies have advantages in this regard. They use the "buy first and rent later" method to help Chinese enterprises develop overseas markets and help overseas customers alleviate the problem of capital shortage

now, more and more "made in China" go abroad through leasing. For example, ICBC leasing has become a long-term partner with Greek libory group. The two sides signed a US $460million bulk carrier and container ship project agreement and cooperation framework agreement in 2014

as of the end of May this year, ICBC leasing has nearly 300 ships (including ships under construction), including five offshore drilling platforms, and the balance of leased assets at home and abroad is about 42billion yuan. It has become an important business partner of major shipping companies and shipyards at home and abroad

Minsheng financial leasing also provides financial leasing services for the export of many high-end equipment such as offshore engineering ships and jack up drilling platforms made in China to Europe, Southeast Asia, South America and other places with it as an indicator of data resistance. Its 400 foot jack up drilling platform, which has been cooperating with Indonesia's largest drilling contractor for 14 years, has been successfully delivered in 20 years, helping China's advanced offshore manufacturing industry to enter the international market

"we should expand the global business market and provide more powerful support for Chinese enterprises' going global." Li Li, vice president of ICBC leasing, said at the "China Leasing Industry Summit 2015 annual meeting" held recently. Zhou Wei, President of Minsheng financial leasing, said that China's financial leasing companies have basically adapted to international business rules, have the conditions to deeply participate in international competition, and are ready to cooperate with Chinese enterprises to further tap the international market

it is understood that "made in China" can more "go out" through leasing, which also stems from the vigorous development of China's leasing industry in recent years

from the late 1970s to the early 1980s, the global leasing industry has become the second largest financing method after bank credit. However, for a long time in the past, the development of China's leasing market lagged behind. In recent years, banking financial leasing companies have given full play to their advantages in capital, channels and brands, and effectively promoted the development of the leasing industry

according to the data of China Leasing alliance, in the first quarter of 2015, the total assets of 30 opened financial leasing companies reached 1.34 trillion yuan, an increase of nearly 65billion yuan over the end of the previous year. Compared with less than 30billion yuan in 2008, this figure has increased by more than 40 times. Among them, ICBC leasing has ranked among the top ten aircraft leasing companies in the world, and Minsheng leasing has become the largest corporate aircraft leasing company in Asia

Liu lanbiao said that financial leasing has the dual attributes of "financing" and "financing" and is the financial instrument that is most closely combined with the real economy. In the future, financial leasing will not only help more and more "made in China" go to overseas markets, but also be one of the important means to help Chinese enterprises participate in international competition and promote the integration of Chinese economy into the global economy

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