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The signing of the strategic cooperation agreement between SAIC and Alibaba requires more details to be added.

SAIC Group and Alibaba Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement on "connected cars" in Shanghai to jointly build a future oriented "connected cars" and its ecosystem. However, the prospect of cooperation between the two sides depends on more specific cooperation details and future joint investment plans. On the afternoon of July 23, SAIC Group and Alibaba Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement on Internet vehicles in Shanghai. The two sides will actively carry out cooperation in the field of connected vehicles and related application services, and jointly build a future oriented connected vehicle and its ecosystem

as the undisputed first automobile manufacturer in the world's largest automobile market, what should we do together with China's largest e-commerce company? If it's normal, it should be automotive e-commerce, which is a popular topic, but it's a little unexpected that they want to build cars. However, according to the news, SAIC Motor stock rose in a large range

first, the cooperation between Alibaba and SAIC currently belongs to a win-win situation

regardless of the future prospects of the cooperation between Alibaba and SAIC, it belongs to a win-win situation from the current news. The news of this cooperation has led to a rise in the stock in the short term. In the long term, SAIC has also established an image of inclusive and open cooperation among automobile manufacturers, which is an attraction to its own product promotion and investors, Are very beneficial

for Alibaba, we all know that Alibaba empire will be listed in the next month or so. At this time, every investment and cooperation will have a real attraction for capital, which is the most intuitive return in the short term. In the long term, for the investment field, it is limited to simply look at the return of a certain investment. If many investment fields can be combined to form a joint force, This kind of return and control power of near monopoly are infinite

second, what are the advantages of the two sides of cooperative Internet vehicles

back to the news itself, let's take a look at the specific content of the cooperation between Alibaba and SAIC. The signing of the two is an Internet automobile strategic cooperation agreement. If you use the popular industry language, this cooperation should be the joint development of car couplets by Alibaba and SAIC. 1 The technology with poor sensitivity of dial pointer, since it is cooperation, means that the two should take out their core, at least what they are good at to jointly develop cars, otherwise it is called merger or thigh hugging. What are they good at? These are the cornerstones for discussing the practical prospects of this cooperation

what advantages can SAIC provide? It is the largest carrier of the automobile platform, which is the confidence of all automobile manufacturers. I can make cars. Whether your software integration or accessory services are good, it is meaningless without this carrier. Just like today's Internet users, no good app is meaningful without this platform to be pushed to users. Of course, in addition, including the whole chain of the automotive industry, the advantages lie in the upstream design, manufacturing, and downstream after-sales service

the media once again talked about the inkanet car service products developed by SAIC Group for five years. The author believes that this is not the key point. If SAIC believes that inkanet is its advantage, or if inkanet is now recognized by consumers, it will not cooperate with Internet companies to develop car service technology. If this reform goes deep, inkanet may even be completely changed

the media listed Alibaba's upcoming participation in the cooperation, including yunos operating system, Gaode navigation, Alibaba communication, and some big data that the author sounds flashy but doesn't know, Alibaba cloud computing, shrimp music, etc. the author's understanding is to reorganize SAIC's inkanet through the above operating system and navigation system, which is more straightforward

however, one of the highlights of this cooperation is that the author mentioned earlier that the car service technology is not just sitting in the car, but taking the car as a carrier to carry the future life of car consumers. If so, Alibaba has more resources to do this. The key is how to do it in the future, and whether it is willing and sincere to dig deeply

why did SAIC choose Alibaba to cooperate? The media didn't talk about this problem. Theoretically, Alibaba's development ability in vehicle system is not much better than others. Some well-known automobile manufacturers mostly cooperate with Google, apple, etc., but relatively speaking, because you know the reasons, limited by national security and other factors, Google has left China, and apple is also accused of influencing national security and other factors recently. At this time, Second, it should be a wise move for state-owned enterprises to find domestic Internet companies. In view of Baidu's close relationship with BAIC some time ago, it seems reasonable for SAIC and Alibaba to go together

third, how likely is the cooperation between the two auto e-commerce companies

earlier this year, SAIC Group launched its own e-commerce platform, which shows that it attaches importance to e-commerce. However, this time, it only mentioned the joint building of future oriented connected vehicles and their ecosystem, and did not clearly mention the content of cooperation on e-commerce. It may be that both sides have their own views and competitive situation in automotive e-commerce, and are a little shy of talking about this matter, but, Is it possible for SAIC and Alibaba to deepen cooperation in auto e-commerce

this is Alibaba's attitude towards auto e-commerce. Yesterday, Alibaba's tmall released a new auto e-commerce plan, jointly launching a value-added vehicle purchase service of driving first and then buying with Alibaba xiaodai, yu'e Bao and auto manufacturers. Driving first and then buying means that after consumers replace the traditional prepayment mode with yu'e Bao and drive away the car, the money will still be frozen in yu'e Bao for 3 months before it is sent to the manufacturer, The financial income here belongs to consumers

however, the above e-commerce cooperation is not only with SAIC, but also with a number of automobile manufacturers. Therefore, at least for now, the e-commerce cooperation between the two has not risen to the strategic level

the author believes that if SAIC Group and Alibaba signed an e-commerce cooperation agreement yesterday, the news may be more reliable, and it is also more likely to be successful for both. It is more reliable to leave professional things to professional people. As long as we can achieve the core value areas, we can fully realize our own value, which is the main reason why we hire nannies at home, Because the time you spend doing housework may bring higher benefits, there is no need to do it yourself

(1) name of evaluation institution: Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences

fourth, strategic cooperation needs more details. Things like strategic cooperation are equivalent to a framework. This kind of cooperation is not a minority between automobile and Internet enterprises. There are a lot of cooperation methods, or one-to-one. A few years ago, Ford motor signed strategic cooperation agreements with Google, Toyota Motor and Microsoft, general motors and Facebook, etc. is it making progress, Almost two years have passed, and the car systems launched by Google and apple are no longer a single car manufacturer, but are promoted on a larger scale

therefore, as for the cooperation between SAIC and Alibaba, the prospect depends on their ability to come up with more specific cooperation details and future joint investment plans, which are the key to integrating their resources. Without these aspects, the future is ambiguous

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