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"Dongdong shoes" are light and cool. If you wear them often, it is easy to cause beriberi.

the weather is getting hotter and hotter. Everyone can't help but "liberate" their feet, and breathable and fashionable Dongdong shoes are also becoming popular. Ke Xiaoping, deputy chief physician of Dermatology Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University, reminded that although the hole shoes are light, they have many hidden dangers, and it is easy to cause beriberi if they are often worn

Ke Xiaoping said that Dongdong shoes are essentially fatigue. In order to waste time and trouble the experimental machine unnecessarily during mass production - the samples are selected from the wrong plastic shoes, but the air permeability of their soles is a certain gap compared with cloth shoes, leather shoes, etc. The structure and material of Dongdong shoes are easy to accumulate water, and the water is not easy to be absorbed and volatilized by the shoes. The holes on it can only help the foot breathe, while the soles that most need ventilation and dryness cannot be protected. In summer, people's feet are prone to sweat. With the evaporation of sweat, hollow shoes will stick upside down on the feet. Wearing them often will lead to damp and warm feet, provide a hotbed for fungi, and may lead to skin diseases such as beriberi

some people say that the reason for choosing Dongdong shoes is that it has a special exhaust window, and its material continues to produce odor and antibacterial functions when it is deformed. Why not often? 4. In addition, check whether the valve is screwed dead or installed upside down? It turns out that the above reasons for choosing hole shoes are based on the fact that when people are outdoors, there will be a distance between the feet and the vamp from time to time, and the air flows between the feet and the holes, so as to achieve the effect of ventilation. Ke Xiaoping pointed out that if you wear it no matter out or at home, you can't achieve the effect of ventilation at all. Instead, it will make your feet stick to the vamp, and bacteria are easy to breed

in addition, there are a large number of cheap "hole shoes" on the market, which have obvious pimples on the upper, sole and inside, and also emit a pungent plastic smell. Most of them are made of recycled plastic or artificial rubber, which is easy to stimulate the skin and cause foot diseases such as allergy and contact dermatitis. And although Dongdong shoes are not afraid of water, they are easy to slip in rainy days, especially those cheap products, whose soles are easy to grind flat and have poor anti-skid effect

summer is a time of frequent fungal infection and beriberi in feet. How to prevent it? Ke Xiaoping especially recommends the following simple methods: 1. Choose shoes with good ventilation and keep your feet dry; 2. Soaking feet with light salt water or vinegar can effectively kill foot fungi; 3. It's best not to wear shoes and cotton socks barefoot, which can absorb sweat, resist bacteria and prevent beriberi

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