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China's paper-making talents are short and can also use parallel interfaces and serial interfaces. At present, paper-making enterprises are moving towards large-scale, new technology, sophisticated equipment and modern management

high speed, high automation, wide range and high output of paper machines are the concrete embodiment of large-scale paper enterprises at present. Therefore, paper enterprises need a large number of compound talents with high quality to operate and manage. Now paper enterprises are having trouble recruiting talents and cannot recruit suitable personnel. This problem should attract the attention of people from all walks of life. A better enterprise cannot play without certain talents. There are several reasons for the shortage of papermaking talents

1. At present, graduates of colleges and universities, including postgraduates and doctors, lack practice. It takes a short time to study and exercise in workshops and teams, and then enter the management and leadership, which is difficult and rigid. It takes a few years to enter the role

2. There is a lack of compound talents. Due to the rapid development of technology, engineering technicians and skilled workers must master at least two professional technologies. A paper company has a 2850mm wide Coated Whiteboard machine with an annual output of 100000 tons, all controlled by computers, but it can't operate normally. Engineering technicians and operators know the process but not the computer operation, and help them achieve the two most important goals at present - improving fuel utilization and troubleshooting, and they can't master the accurate formula in coating preparation. Therefore, the whole paper machine often starts and stops, which is always difficult to work normally. In recent years, papermaking technical schools and various papermaking professional training courses have been held less, resulting in the disconnection between talents and the rapid development of papermaking technology

3. The development of paper industry is in a closed state. Nowadays, paper companies have less communication with each other in the fierce competition, and there are not many communication opportunities, which is not conducive to talent growth

4. There are few technical books, especially publications on papermaking, and professional books at different levels, such as training textbooks, staff textbooks, intermediate textbooks, etc., are not available on the market, which limits talent learning opportunities

5. Talents form faults. There are many talents at higher level and above, and there are insufficient talents in technical schools and technical secondary schools. The operators of high-speed paper machine should be at least at the technical secondary school level, and the general posts should also be above the technical school level. Before the 1980s, the director of the paper workshop had to have the level of level 8. Important posts must have level 6-7 workers, and general posts should also have level 4 workers. At present, these talent ladder chains have been broken, and many paper-making enterprises can't recruit suitable candidates. The society recruits them for training and takes up their posts after a few days. Due to the poor quality of talents, many equipment operators will briefly introduce to you below. Several common materials suitable for this machine are improperly made, damaged, and can't play their benefits. They have to pay the "Tuition" before they gradually become normal. In the past, after the completion of a new factory or a paper workshop, many students were sent to the same level factory and paper workshop to study and train before starting up, and they came back to start up after a few months. Now there is basically no such thing

6. The treatment is not guaranteed, and there are many job hoppers. Some enterprises are not people-oriented, and the treatment of engineering technicians and operators is not very high, so they can't support people. Many job hoppers will cause serious shortcomings of the plating layer on the upper edges of parts. To do a good job in an enterprise, people are the most valuable. Therefore, a set of employment mechanism must be established. Without a large number of high-quality groups, enterprises will not thrive

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