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The short-term decline does not change the long-term growth trend of the control valve market

due to the global economic downturn, 2009 was a very difficult year for many control valve manufacturers. The sales of some global leading control valve manufacturers fell to double digits, and some manufacturers were able to maintain good performance thanks to a large number of undelivered orders at the beginning of the year. Overall, the overall shipment volume of the control valve market in 2009 fell by 4%. Due to the lack of support for undelivered orders and weak market demand, control valve manufacturers face greater pressure in 2010. However, according to the latest published arc market research, although the current market is relatively pessimistic, a large number of positive factors still indicate the growth trend of the control valve market in the future

control valves are widely used in the manufacturing field to achieve the purpose of optimizing production and reducing costs. In the long run, the control valve market will maintain moderate growth. In his latest research, "global control valve Market Research Report", davidclayton, senior analyst of arc, pointed out that manufacturers have recognized that automation is the key to the survival of enterprises, and there are other factors that promote the use of automation technology and stimulate the growth of the control valve market. These factors include: the growing demand for energy conservation, the demand for improving production efficiency, the demand for improving production accuracy and product quality, the demand for production flexibility to meet the changing market, the realization of real-time monitoring of production process conditions, better process control, better safety functions, better collaborative process control functions, and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations

long term contradiction between oil supply and demand

oil demand, price and available wear experiments are divided into on-site do not use too much force. The availability of wear experiments and laboratory wear experiments is the key factor affecting the future control valve market. Although the current oil demand has temporarily declined, in the long run, the contradiction between oil supply and demand is still very serious, which will lead to the long-term upward trend of oil prices. Arc believes that the rise in oil prices will promote investment in heavy oil production (such as oil sands), as well as investment in upstream oil and gas exploration and production in the deep-sea field

the growing demand for electricity in emerging economies

in recent years, the investment in power generation in emerging economies has continued to rise. China is the country with the fastest growth in power investment, and India is also expected to see high-speed growth. In China, the relatively lagging power development has restrained the growth pace of the economy, especially the manufacturing industry, to a certain extent. This situation is even more serious in India, so that many enterprises have to invest in the construction of their own power plants. Other emerging economies that make it coincide with the main target are not so serious, but they are more or less similar

developing economies are still the engine of market growth

developing economies such as China, India and Brazil have also been affected by the global economic crisis. Compared with the high-speed growth in 2008, the growth rate has decreased by several percentage points, but they are still the main engine of global control valve market growth. Emerging economies such as the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India and China) and Middle East countries will continue to support the growth of the control valve market. This is mainly due to the growing middle class, a healthy credit environment, and the demand for energy production and conservation in these regions

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