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CSC Futures: PTA fluctuated within the day, short-term participation

PTA opened high today, showing a volatile trend within the day. 901 contract closed at 4568 yuan, with a reduction in positions, and the total transaction was active

the spot price today is about 4500 yuan, the downstream varieties stopped falling today, and the raw material PX is currently quoted at $590 in Asia. The whole is fixed on the frame of the machine according to a certain direction, and the body price trend has the meaning of rebound

at present, OPEC may continue to reduce production at the end of this month, the global economic outlook is bleak, and the crude oil price is consolidated at $55~60. The consolidation of crude oil prices improved the confidence of the market, and the rebound of surrounding chemical products also led to the rise of PTA within the day. For consultation on equipment, you can contact

at any time, but from a fundamental point of view, downstream industries are facing serious difficulties. The global economic contraction has led to a sharp decline in exports and international trade. Today, it was reported that the freight throughput of China's Shanghai Port hit a 12-year low, which better reflects the current global trade situation. PTA downstream is an export-oriented industry, facing shrinking demand. Therefore, P but its control accuracy and control limitations are very high and wide, Ta rebound lacks fundamental support, and it is difficult to go far

the current futures price is subject to the 5-day and 10 day moving average, and short-term operation is recommended

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