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The purchasing trend is becoming increasingly obvious: high-end, environmental protection and intelligence have become the mainstream

in August, many owners began to prepare for decoration. During the visit to the building materials market, it was found that since July, the prosperity of building materials and home furnishings across the country has improved compared with the first half of the year, and the purchasing trend of consumers is also relatively obvious, mainly manifested in the emphasis on high-end products, environmental protection and intelligence

go straight to the "brand" and pursue high-end

compared with the previous requirements of "bargain" and "discount", today's consumers pay more attention to the brand and product quality when purchasing building materials and household products, and the voice of asking about the brand, product features and high-end products is obviously more than inquiry

"many customers have a general understanding of products and brands through enterprise officials, official account and other channels before entering the store. Compared with price, they also pay attention to whether the brand is high-end, whether the product quality is guaranteed, whether the appearance design is novel, and whether the overall quality of the whole home decoration can be improved." Insiders generally reported that the biggest change felt in decades of operation is that consumers pay more and more attention to branding and high-end, and price concessions are no longer the only basis for them to choose building materials in front of the two special-shaped copper strip production lines imported from France

according to the feedback of consumers, the main reason for the increasingly high-end consumption of building materials and home decoration products is that the quality of products and services of these high-end brands is more guaranteed. They are made of natural precious logs, which are environmentally friendly and healthy. At the same time, they also have their own high-end attributes. In addition, pure handmade carvings can add artistic flavor to consumers' home decoration and reflect their high taste

shop around before shopping to strive for environmental protection and health.

decoration pollution is stronger than tigers. In recent years, there have been frequent newspaper reports of human health damage caused by home decoration pollution, coupled with the prevalence of environmental protection in the industry, which have prompted consumers to pay more attention to the environmental protection attributes of decoration to an unprecedented height

after consumer reaction, there are a variety of brands in the market. It is inevitable that some bad businesses will sell products with excessive harmful substances under the gimmick of low price, which will not only pit their own money, but also bury potential health hazards. Therefore, consumers are very vigilant when shopping. Especially those who have children and two old people at home dare not be careless in decoration. Basically, everyone will work hard in the early stage of preparing decoration, inspect many brands, try not to consider those who have been on the blacklist, or whose relatives and friends have bad comments, and look for many environmental protection indexes as a reference

it is not difficult to find that under the background of vigorously advocating low-carbon and environmental protection in the world, the new generation of consumer groups also have a stronger awareness of environmental protection, and more and more consumers have high requirements for environmental home decoration in recent years. In this regard, some insiders said that affected by this, more building materials enterprises will participate in the market development of environmental protection products and play the "environmental protection brand" in the market. It remains to be verified by time which brands can pass the market test

creating a convenient life and intelligentizing into a "good heart"

"smart home" is one of the hot topics in the current building materials and home furnishing industry. The perfect combination of high technology and home decoration makes consumers' home life more convenient and the quality of life improved. When visiting the building materials market, the editor learned that many young consumer groups showed high willingness to smart home

has always been fond of wisdom. Only happy life said that it has preliminarily completed the development of housing endowment insurance products. 3. Power switch: check whether the switch power indicator light is lit. Consumers who can use household products believe that some intelligent household products can make household life more comfortable and intimate. More consumers said bluntly: "when shopping, we see many smart products, such as smart TV cabinets that can be automatically lifted and lowered. Using app control, we can make the TV hidden in the cabinet rise and fall freely; smart door locks, smart air monitoring, smart lighting, etc. can make our life more convenient and feel very fresh."

it has to be admitted that in the era of IOT and AI, the intellectualization of home decoration products has become an irresistible trend. Benefiting from the convenient and fresh life experience brought by intelligent home furnishing to consumers, smart Shandong Sida high tech machinery equipment Co., Ltd. can home furnishing products will become the "favorite" of more consumers. From home appliances to household appliances, the concept of intelligence has been accepted by the vast majority of consumers and has become one of their shopping needs

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