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Shizuishan: "coal city" the way to break through adversity

Shizuishan city is the place where "mountains and stones protrude like mouths" at the intersection of Helan Mountain and the Yellow River at the northernmost end of Ningxia. It is one of the top ten coal industrial bases laid out during the first five year plan period, known as the "cradle" of Ningxia industry, and the proportion of coal related industry was as high as 90%. With the increasing depletion of coal resources, like many resource-based cities in China, Shizuishan once faced the dilemma of "resource curse" of "resource exhaustion and city decline"

only by seeking change in adversity can there be a way out for transformation and innovation. Guided by the new development concept, Shizuishan city takes off with heavy loads, solves the "turning dilemma" of resource-based cities through innovation drive, takes industrial transformation and structural adjustment as the main direction of attack, gradually bids farewell to the industrial pattern of "one pillar dominating the sky" of the coal industry, and walks out of a unique path of transformation of resource exhausted cities

breaking the dilemma of relying on energy and taking the innovation road of relying on science and technology can not achieve the expected results.

as a typical resource-based old industrial city, the contradiction between Shizuishan's energy dependent industrial structure and the requirements of high-quality development is very prominent. Li Yuhua, mayor of Shizuishan City, said that to achieve high-quality economic development, the key for Shizuishan is to achieve "two transformations", that is, to promote the transformation from the cradle of the region's industrial bones where they are needed to the cradle of scientific and technological innovation, and from the industrial and mining Era to the ecological era

in the transformation of old and new kinetic energy, Shizuishan people have suffered some hardships and tasted many sweets

Ningxia Weier Casting Co., Ltd., located in Dawukou District, was once a manufacturer of coal machine castings. With the sales of coal machine castings declining year by year, the market is shrinking day by day. "The company devotes 8% of its annual sales revenue to research and development, breaks through path dependence with innovation, and makes breakthroughs in many fields." Wang Xiaoning, chairman of the company, said that the vector control switch under the machine drives the rotating shaft through the transmission belt. In May this year, the "aluminum alloy sleeper beam of China's standard high-speed EMU" developed by weir casting passed the test, breaking the situation that the key technology of sleeper beam of China's high-speed EMU was monopolized by foreign countries. At the same time, new products such as precision parts of industrial robots developed by the enterprise have received orders from foreign giants in the same industry

innovation is the driving force for leading development, and enterprises are the main front for transformation and upgrading. In order to force the transformation of enterprises, Shizuishan City has set up a comprehensive evaluation system of enterprise per mu yield benefits, built a comprehensive evaluation system of enterprise per mu yield benefits with the average tax contribution rate per mu and the total industrial output value of unit energy consumption as indicators, and implemented differentiated measures for enterprises in the allocation of resource elements such as policy enjoyment, land use, electricity use, credit, etc. through comprehensive ranking

a number of traditional enterprises have achieved "fame and fortune" through innovation. Risheng hi tech Industry Co., Ltd., located in Huinong District, was exposed by the media for polluting the environment. In the past two years, the enterprise has recovered the waste water and gas generated in the production process through technological breakthrough, and the annual output value of by-products such as soda ash has reached 600million yuan after forming a circular industrial chain. Xu Jian, deputy general manager of the company, said that through innovation and breakthrough, the enterprise has achieved transformation

"Internet +" has become one of the paths for Shizuishan to seek transformation. The youth e-commerce entrepreneurship Incubation Park, which focuses on software development and electronic information technology, has incubated 120 innovative projects in total; There are 25 enterprises settled in the Luo Economic Industrial Park, and the city's e-commerce transaction volume has exceeded 2billion yuan; The digital economy represented by technology and finance increased the added value of the service industry by 9.2%. New economy and new business forms have sprung up locally, forming a diversified industrial system dominated by new materials, equipment manufacturing, biopharmaceuticals, modern textiles, etc. In 2017, Shizuishan was listed as one of the first demonstration areas for industrial transformation and upgrading of old industrial cities and resource-based cities in China

several groups of latest data are exciting: in the first half of this year, the economy of Shizuishan increased by 8.4% year-on-year, ranking first in all cities in Ningxia; The contribution rate of science and technology to economic growth reached 51%; The energy consumption per unit of industrial added value decreased by 9.3%, which was the highest in Ningxia; In particular, the non coal industry has accounted for more than 60% of the city's industry

Peng Youdong, Secretary of Shizuishan municipal Party committee, believes that this set of figures shows that the city has made a landmark breakthrough in transformation and structural adjustment, which means that the situation of "one coal dominating" has ended, and also indicates that the "law" of being born, thriving and declining due to coal will be broken

"black" and "gray" were once the main colors of Shizuishan City, and this city has therefore been on the national "black list" of polluting cities. The painful reality makes Shizuishan people wake up: "protecting the ecological environment is to protect productivity"

the new development concept is the baton and traffic light. In recent years, Shizuishan City has vigorously promoted the comprehensive treatment of the ecological environment of Helan Mountain, the treatment of the water environment of Shahu Xinghai lake and other ecological treatment projects, and all industrial and mining enterprises in the Shizuishan section of Helan Mountain have closed down and exited...

from heavy pollution control to planting trees to protect the green, the city has seen tangible changes. Up to now, the greening coverage rate of the built-up area of Shizuishan City has reached 41.7%, and the per capita public green space area is 24.1 square meters, successfully creating a national forest city and a national garden city

"compared with surrounding cities, our advantages and competitiveness are not resources but ecology. The former is unsustainable, while the latter is absolutely sustainable. The purpose of ecological transformation is to create investment depressions and drive industrial transformation, and the ultimate purpose of industrial transformation is to improve people's livelihood." A municipal leader explained the dialectical relationship among ecology, industry and people's livelihood in this way

Huize Park, covering an area of more than 200 mu, is a good place for many residents to relax after meals. The completion of this park reflects the government's responsibility for people's Livelihood: if it is used for real estate development, it can bring more than 100 million yuan of revenue to the finance, but the urban two-level government has invested tens of millions of yuan to transform it into a park for domestic sales. Some thermal insulation material enterprises have made difficult breakthroughs in 12 tier cities for citizens to relax and exercise

taking ecological transformation as a breakthrough, industrial transformation as a focus, and people's livelihood transformation as a fundamental, Shizuishan has achieved the evolution from "black" to "green" by organically combining industrial transformation and upgrading, shanty town transformation, and industrial functional area optimization. Li Yuhua said that in recent years, the local government has insisted on investing more than 70% of the city's fiscal revenue every year to develop the cause of people's livelihood. Only in the reconstruction of shanty towns, more than 10 billion yuan has been invested so far, and 200000 people have knocked on the door of happiness through the shanty town reform

self innovation breaks through the shackles and strives to transform the spectrum new chapter

it is man-made, the key is man. To break through the difficulties, break the deadlock and create a new situation in the transformation and development, the test is the courage of cadres to take responsibility and be brave in their duties

resource exhaustion, single structure and low efficiency were the three "obstacles" in Shizuishan's transformation. Therefore, the self-innovation of government departments in the transformation is inevitable

"there will be many unexpected problems and difficulties in the transformation. Whether we can achieve rebirth through the transformation of old and new kinetic energy, and whether Party members and cadres maintain a never slacking mental state and indomitable attitude of struggle are extremely critical." Hanxiaoying, director of Qingshan Park Management Office in Dawukou District, said

"it used to take two days to handle the approval of temporary stalls. Now, if you don't meet, don't run errands. If you pass or go up, you can complete it in about an hour after filling in the relevant information." Dai Kehe, deputy director of Dawukou District Government Affairs Service Center, said that using information-based means to promote the openness of government affairs, accelerate the promotion of e-government, and build a full process integrated service platform can better solve the problems of people's difficulty, slowness and complexity, and activate the new vitality of the regional economy

in Dawukou District, people can handle nearly 80% of government service matters through the government service hall or "palm government". At the beginning of the construction of Shanshan lithium battery project with a total investment of 4.5 billion yuan, the local government specially set up a project promotion group to ensure that the problems in the construction can be solved as soon as possible

"if the enterprise has any difficulties, as long as it complies with laws and regulations, local cadres will go all out and do their best." Wang Minghao, general manager of Ningxia Suning new energy equipment Co., Ltd., said that the ability and efficiency of cadres to solve problems are crucial to enterprises in fierce market competition

at the end of last year, Shizuishan successfully created a national civilized city, which is not only a tribute to the quality of the city and citizens, but also an affirmation of the transformation achievements of the old industrial base. Now, walking through Shizuishan city at the foot of Helan Mountain and on the Bank of the Yellow River, almost every place can feel the strong pulse of the old industrial base in seeking reform, unblocking obstruction and breaking constraints, and can hear the sonorous foot sound of the transformation of resource-based cities. This pulse and foot sound make people have reason to look forward to a better tomorrow for this resource-based city

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