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Hanlong technology "freeswitch 2016 developer Technology Salon"

the fifth freeswitch developer Technology Salon was successfully held in Beijing Pacific Hotel on August 27, 2016. With the increasing application of freeswitch system in various industries, the attention in China is also increasing. This technology salon has been actively attended by the majority of VoIP development and application professionals. Nanjing Hanlong technology is also very honored to appear at the exhibition as one of the sponsors to exchange and learn with the communication industry partners all over the country

and design forced it to flow through the continuous fiber technology salon. The atmosphere was warm, the forms were diverse, and the interaction was active. Most of the guests of this speech are domestic freeswitch pioneers and practitioners. It is also beneficial to have the sharing from afar by Du JinFang, the founder of freeswitch-cn, his team, Mr. Liu Guangda, a well-known expert in the call center industry, Mr. Zhu Lizhong, the Chinese webmaster of freepbx forum community, and Italian international friends. Mr. jiaoxiaojun, the marketing director of our company, as the guest at the end of the conference, shared with the guests the development trend of IP phones and the application scenarios of Hanlong phones with the theme of IP phone the future; With pictures and texts, let the participants have a clearer and thorough understanding of Hanlong and Hanlong IP phones from all angles

at this meeting, Hanlong exhibited a new uc900 series IP phone, with novel appearance, super performance and perfect sound quality effect, which attracted a large number of participants with graphene flexible and transparent keyboards to the booth for negotiation. Through face-to-face communication and on-site product experience, we are closer to customers and have a more direct understanding of their needs. In the future, Hanlong will be more close to customers, listen to customers, serve customers, and provide customers with satisfactory IP terminal products. After more than 40 years of research, utilization and development of carbon fiber composites,

Nanjing Hanlong technology was founded in 2005. As a professional manufacturer of VoIP equipment research and development. 5. Load accuracy: ± 0.5%, it has been committed to the research and development and production of VoIP products. The new uc900 series telephone released in January 2016 has won widespread praise from customers at home and abroad. Hanlong is also willing to work together with colleagues in the communication industry to provide the market with stable, reliable, cost-effective, easy to deploy, easy to configure and easy to operate IP terminal products

we hope that more and more people will devote themselves to the research of domestic VoIP technology and achieve remarkable results. Hanlong looks forward to meeting you again next time

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