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The characteristics of short-range spinning and autoconer 338

short-range spinning technology has been firmly winning a position in the market since its introduction, and the application field of short-range yarn has also been steadily expanded. By using Qingze COMPACT3 short-range spinning technology, it can create important value-added potential for spinning mills. Many yarn count and fiber types, short yarn and filament have solutions, and new methods are constantly emerging

short-range spinning produces a new yarn structure with high strength and less hairiness, which reflects its advantages in warping, weaving and knitting. The yarn characteristics are reflected in the final product. For example, by increasing the gloss of colored fabrics and jacquard fabrics or significantly improving the color contrast, you can obviously feel and see the high-quality characteristics of the final product after cleaning and drying

in all processing stages, the difference is due to self-woven raw materials, and yarn parameters are affected by different types of raw materials. The spinning stability of short-range spinning is high, especially the small change in quality (such as hairiness CVB). The high anti weft and anti-wear performance creates a bright prospect for saving the warping process cost

using COMPACT3 can effectively save up to 50% of the size, and the running performance of the yarn in the warping and weaving processes can be improved

short haul spinning focuses on the winding process

the function of high-grade short haul yarn as the "quality filter" of the textile production chain has been confirmed. The sequence of winding processes must meet the needs of the characteristics of short haul yarn, and the yarn packaging must reflect the optimization performance that unprovoked plastic is an important material barrier in the preparation of drug packaging containers, so as to continue the textile processing chain economically and efficiently

The important characteristics of short-range winding include: short-range yarn maintains special structure and high quality; Flawless joint production; Maximize the utilization of yarn resources; Take the processing technology as the orientation, optimize the construction and structure of yarn packaging; Process and quality monitoring

the appearance of short-range yarn is very uniform, and the irregular yarn will cause important damage to the final product. Therefore, the "cleaning and splicing" process requirements for short-range yarn are more stringent

Schlafhorst splicing technology was timely optimized and accepted, and the innovative yarn cleaner was integrated into autoconer. The yarn cleaning curve is clearly displayed on the large display screen of the information device, and these impact values and the corresponding experimental temperature are marked in the rectangular coordinate system, so the yarn cleaning system can optimize and adapt to the characteristics of each yarn at the center point; Centralized setting of parameter values is the basis of reproduction

by combining with the upper yarn sensor, the yarn quality can be accurately maintained in the winding process. The yarn defect data obtained by the yarn cleaner can be immediately evaluated by the control system of the winding unit and transformed into the corresponding operation rotation

autoconer's other properties also include: optimizing the layout of process related function groups along the yarn path, and autotense FX forming a constant low yarn tension; The suction system of the equipment is equipped with automatic vacuum adjustment, so the spinning vacuum level can be set according to the special characteristics of yarn winding, and the preset level of winding process can be maintained

since the defective yarn has been sucked away, the yarn is rolled smoothly without additional pressure in various operation cycles

blessing provides modular splicers. According to the special needs of yarn packaging, standard splicers or injectionspliers with water ingredients can be selected. Special thermosplicer is recommended for wool short-range yarn splicing. These three splicers ensure safe and efficient splicing, and optimize the splicing of any kind of yarn raw materials

autoconer 338 performance characteristics are very important for short-range yarn winding, which can ensure the maximum use of resources. Thanks to the yarn sensor, the defective yarn can be sucked out of the package, avoiding unnecessary waste in the winding process

process oriented optimized yarn winding structure

the use of homogeneous winding structure can meet the needs of subsequent production and processing processes, and is also a prerequisite for trouble free and efficient unwinding, and minimizes the pressure on the yarn

the most important part of the automobile support in the homogeneous structure of yarn packaging: China Plastics Processing Industry Association, China synthetic resin Association, the first automobile group, Taiwan Autodesk, lantiqi engineering plastics, bentler, keens, Baiwang parameters are yarn tension, autoconer 338 with autotense FX, and the non parallel yarn tension regulator is an ideal configuration for packaging production to meet the subsequent production and processing needs

the intelligent adjustment of yarn tension can ensure that the tension is constant from the beginning to the end of winding, and avoid yarn breakage and improper yarn pressure

an important feature of the optimization of the coiling structure is the bobbin anti stacking ring system propack FX. The fine and smooth structure yarn is particularly easy to form a lap area in the packaging, which interferes with the production process. By using propack, the lap area can be effectively eliminated, so as to avoid yarn breakage caused by lap or interruption of downstream processing flow

process and quality monitoring

the important advantage of the whole blessing winding process is functional monitoring, which is functionalized by sensors to ensure the highest process reliability and the lowest yarn pressure

in each winding unit, the upper yarn sensor, the lower yarn sensor and the yarn tension sensor can improve the process reliability. In autoconer operation, the spinning vacuum adjustment system controlled by the sensor performs mild yarn treatment

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