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British DS Smith displav company develops a new pop display shelf

the key to the success of any POP display shelf lies in the "adaptability" factor. In short, this is what you must know before purchasing. In other words, it refers to how many display shelves you have purchased for a certain business activity for retail promotion activities, and what the expected business effect is. DS Smith displav company in the UK, together with display frame manufacturers and retailers, has developed a POP display frame, which has a 30% higher promotional effect than the standard display frame on the market, and is very adaptable

in the display frame production enterprises, the display frame is simply erected, and it also promotes the reform and innovation. In addition, the internal shelf is filled with products, and a protective cover is put on the outside, which mainly plays the role of transportation protection. At the same time, color printing is also carried out to strengthen the promotion effect. After arriving at the mall, the protective upper cover and front cover can be easily removed according to the pre die-cut shape. Then move the display rack to the specified position. From the rear, you can export 9. Data of the display frame: it is compatible with the third-party application software, and the upper part is raised. For the new display rack system, retailers say it has both transportation convenience and strong mall adaptability. This is the simplest POP display design, which is very convenient to use. It is almost a "one-stop" display unit, and it can be easily operated without any training or related knowledge. The display shelf is also widely accepted by customers, because the goods on the display shelf are clear at a glance and easy to choose

source of information: the global corrugated industry

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