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Beijing Institute of glass industry and steel successfully developed high-performance natural fiber composites for automotive interiors. The products comply with the national industrial and technical policies, have high technical content and added value, and meet the needs of the automotive industry for green and environmentally friendly materials. At present, they have been successfully applied to Jinan Heavy Truck Steyr king, HOWO Jianghuai Ruifeng commercial vehicle and other models have achieved good results

the preparation technology of automotive interior parts made of high-performance natural fiber composites is a comprehensive technology that takes hemp fibers (jute, kenaf, ramie) as reinforcement materials, thermoplastic resins (PP, PC, PE, etc.) as bonding matrix, composites into plates through a certain process, and then forms automotive interior parts through molding process. Compared with wood (1) controllable metamaterials, equipment materials and plastic materials, this thermoplastic composite material takes into account the advantages of both. It has the characteristics of uniform dry and wet strength, high strength, good dimensional stability, good calenderability, and easy to shape with improved automobile performance. It can be compounded with a variety of fabrics (knitting, non-woven fabrics, leather, etc.) to form a variety of automotive interior parts, and can be widely used in the ceilings, door guards Luggage rack shelf, elevated box side wall and other interior products. The product has the advantages of light weight, high strength, good toughness, smooth surface, not easy to deform, convenient assembly and so on. Its main technical indicators can meet the standard requirements of automotive interior products, mainly delaying the experimental process and time. It is a new type of green and environment-friendly automotive interior decoration material, and its application prospect is very broad

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