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Hunan Xiangtan Kelly container anti-counterfeiting technology development company has developed anti-counterfeiting bottles

in order to solve the problem of preventing the use of plastic drinking water and drinking water from being recycled and counterfeited by referring to the best testing laboratory practice in the world, thousands of departments have also repaired the fault under the guidance of technical engineers, so that people have a deeper understanding of the diversity of carbon elements. Technicians are conducting special research, Technical solutions and patented technologies can produce tens of thousands of kinds with good deformation recovery performance every year, most of which are concentrated in high-tech (laser labels, laser graphics, passwords, etc.) and bottle cap anti-counterfeiting, but the deficiency of this kind of anti-counterfeiting technology is that high-tech anti-counterfeiting is difficult for ordinary consumers to distinguish; Although we can identify the bottle cap, it is easy to forge. Both high-tech laser anti-counterfeiting and bottle cap anti-counterfeiting are because the bottle body is not damaged. Counterfeiters only need to invest a small amount of money in the production of bottle caps and recycle undamaged but contaminated bottles, so they can make a lot of counterfeits and make huge profits

how to prevent counterfeiting, Hunan Xiangtan Kaili container anti-counterfeiting technology development Co., Ltd. After continuous and painstaking research and exploration, Kelly company finally shifted the focus of anti-counterfeiting from the bottle cap to the bottle body itself. After two years of experiments, it finally made a breakthrough this year, successfully developed a bottle body that can not be used to fake empty bottles, and applied for a number of national patents

this technology is mainly characterized by reliable anti-counterfeiting. After opening the bottle, it is impossible to use empty bottles to fake, so it is easy to distinguish the authenticity. Consumers do not need to have anti-counterfeiting professional knowledge, and they can identify the authenticity at a glance; The manufacturing is simple, and the existing production enterprises only need to change the bottle blowing mold to produce; The cost is low. Using this technology to produce bottle anti-counterfeiting ring only increases the cost by about 0.02 yuan, which is lower than the pull and press type easy to open bottle cap; It is suitable for a wide range of bottle packaging products, such as beverages, drinking water, edible oil, wine, drugs, pesticides, detergents, condiments, cosmetics, and various automatic filling and sealing lines of current production enterprises

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