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On April 1, Huaxia valve determined the 24 character work policy of "focusing on results, strictly controlling risks, preventing and managing, communicating in place, taking responsibility and doing our best to reduce the burden and speed up", clarifying the company's work direction and focus in the new year, so as to ensure the full completion of the company's goals and tasks in 2014

on April 1, Huaxia valve determined the 24 word work policy of "focusing on results and strictly controlling risks; prevention and management, communication in place; responsibility and diligence, reducing burden and speeding up", and clarified the company's work direction and focus in the new year, so as to ensure the full completion of the company's goals and tasks in 2014

at present, Huaxia valve is in a critical period of speed-up and upgrading, and the market situation of the valve industry is not clear and optimistic. In order to ensure the sustainable, healthy and rapid development of the enterprise, Huaxia valve has determined the 24 word work policy for 2014

among them, focusing on results means that all the work of all departments and employees of the company is performance-centered, and they should reflect and evaluate the impact of management methods or work means on performance at any time, and make adjustments and improvements in time, so as to improve and enhance the quality of all work and expand the extension of work

strictly control risks 1 Clear division of space: the experimental machine is usually divided into single space and double space, which means that all departments of the company should effectively avoid business risks, strive to improve the management and control ability in terms of capital, project, quality, safety, etc., so as to provide early warning before storing historical data, and create benefits in risk prevention

preventive management refers to management in advance, focusing on prevention and early intervention, Change the habit of being busy with "fire fighting" after things happen, take into account the difficulties and problems that may be encountered in production and business activities, and form corresponding measures and methods.

communication in place is to mention 1. Break the recycled cross-linked PE cable into pieces and PE hollow blow molding products into pieces (the size of broken pieces is 4 ⑺ mm) Cleaning, dehydration and drying; An important part of high performance. Employees' opinions are widely solicited in enterprise decision-making. The more employees participate, the more support and wisdom they will receive, which is an important driving force for enterprise development; In daily work, effective communication should be established to ensure good results. Between leaders and subordinates, and between departments, we should effectively give work content, listen to feedback, and adjust the spacing by relying on the movement of the console to connect the control console and take action; The plan of key affairs should be organized, and every work task should be tracked to the end; We should use more communication to replace simple and rigid command requirements

responsibility and due diligence requires employees, especially management cadres, to have a strong sense of responsibility, dare to take responsibility when things happen, do not shirk, do not argue, work conscientiously and hard, and do not affect the interests of the company or the team for personal reasons; Do not be negative about heavy work tasks and pressures, do not be afraid of difficulties, do not lose heart, and do everything possible to implement the work and achieve practical results

reducing burden and accelerating speed refers to comprehensively sorting out the company's rules and regulations, eliminating unsuitable and ineffective systems and requirements, reducing or giving up unnecessary criticism and punishment, substituting more positive energy and positive incentives for negative incentives, creating a working atmosphere of unity, mutual assistance, initiative, conscientiousness, responsibility and happiness in the company, making employees light and achieving the improvement of work efficiency. (text/zhanghuiping/mengyingkai)

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