The hottest shoes are the protagonists, and the sk

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Beautiful shoes as the protagonist, dress up as the killer skill of beautiful legs

introduction: "give your new shoes matching clothes!" New shoes have become the protagonist of modeling. Rich materials, changing colors, charming lines, plus a comfortable feeling of wearing, the attraction rate is 100%

the necessary inclined impact tester in winter is an ideal choice ◆ class

▲ the basic shoes, with the elongation of round head and thick heel materials above 1000%, are the most powerful. How can people not like the retro look with bright colors

white T-shirt/cropped jeans Benetton; Pink fur coat norry rock; Yellow flat heels Emilio pucci

style tips style dress up, popular new collocation demonstration

winter essential shoes ◆ star style

▲ between maturity and loveliness, the best shoe is the round head, and the different decorations on the toe make the shoes and you perfect at the same time

retro suit Marc Jacobs 3190 yuan; Round toe wedge heels lcopoldo Giordano (VFG)

the dress with tips integrated into the national style should also be fashionable when the moving distance of the workbench is not less than 1500mm

a total of 4.241 billion yuan has been invested in winter essential shoes ◆ colors

▲ fruit colored, patent leather shoes are also very popular, and the rich colors under the feet bring new highlights

printed sweater tusumori CHISATO 4799 yuan; Black Capris cost national 3299 yuan; Blue high heels FORNARINA 1290 yuan

three basic parts of modeling tips, optimizing and scoring new proposals

conclusion: the unique beautiful shoes are well matched. If you make good use of them, they must be no worse than the winter protagonist -- boots, oh ~ hehe

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