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The rapid development of electronic technology and the wide application of computer terminals mark the arrival of the information age represented by "digital", and all walks of life are carrying out a profound scientific and technological revolution that has a great impact on the future. Digital printing technology not only brings the real existence of digital printing, but also brings people's unremitting pursuit of color limit. For users in color output and short edition printing industry, this pursuit is more urgent. In short, Oki 9500+best Colorproof is the most professional color output and digital printing solution in high-speed color printing at present

the rapid development of electronic technology and the wide application of computer terminals mark the arrival of the information age represented by "digital". All walks of life are carrying out a profound and influential scientific and technological revolution in the future. Some people say that the 21st century is the epoch-making era of digital products, and almost all production behaviors are inextricably linked with digital. The long-standing printing industry is unwilling to be outdone, and the traditional printing technology has gradually faded, mainly used in some manufacturing, metallurgy and building materials industries. Digital printing technology has stepped onto the stage of history, and it washes away the imprint of traditional printing, It attracts the attention of many admirers with its brand-new color image

digital printing technology not only brings the real existence of digital printing, but also brings people's unremitting pursuit of color limit. For users in color output and short edition printing industry, this pursuit is more urgent

in October, two color giants stood together and jointly pushed the ultimate dream of color output to a climax. One is Oki company, the leading manufacturer of color printing, and the other is EFI company, an expert in color management software. They jointly contributed a set of high-end solution "Oki c9500+best Colorproof" applied to the color output industry. The solution consists of two parts, one of which is currently the fastest output in the world The Oki c9500 high-speed digital page color printer with the highest color accuracy, and the other part is the advanced color management software best Colorproof that realizes real proofing based on printing standards

it is understood that compared with large-scale digital printing equipment, this set of solutions has low investment cost, 30 page color output, low printing cost, 150000 pages/month high load, 1200*1200 DPI printing output effect, and more extensive paper adaptability, making it the preferred product for printing manufacturers and medium and large-scale commercial output centers in comprehensively improving digital printing business and expanding business scope

the source power of the demand for digital short edition printing

according to relevant data, the current per capita paper consumption in China is 27.8kg, while the per capita paper consumption in the United States has reached 298kg in the same period. China will reach the same paper consumption level as the United States in the next 20 years, which means that China's printing market will have 70 times the growth power. At the same time, more and more growth points brought by new technologies such as digital printing continue to promote the rapid growth of the market, Therefore, the domestic printing industry market will have great development potential. At present, many venture capital investments are taking this industry as a key investment object, and the future prospects of the printing industry can be seen

modern business in the printing industry reflects the trend of diversification and personalization. The demand for personalized prints such as enterprise bidding documents, promotional color pages, architectural renderings, sample manuals, personalized calendars, personalized postcards, invitation cards, business cards, cards, color menus, etc. has doubled. These kinds of prints are small in quantity, short in time, fast in cycle, many changes and high in quality. Traditional printing can no longer meet the needs of this type of printing. However, digital short edition printing technology provides the possibility for this small batch and color personalized printing, and has also become an important way for printing manufacturers and large and medium-sized output centers to pay attention to the final needs of customers and realize the transformation from processing mode to service mode

the digital short edition printing technology caters to the customers' needs of "small quantity and fast speed", and meets the customers' psychological endurance to the greatest extent. In addition, the digital workflow is the inevitable trend of the development of the printing industry. The standardized design of computer application software and the high-speed and developed interconnection ensure the smooth transmission of digital printing documents. At the same time, it ensures the smooth transmission of printing plants, advertising companies, newspapers and magazines Users such as graphic production centers and architectural design institutions realize the full automation process of prepress, printing and post printing. Therefore, it can be said that the market demand has greatly promoted the development and maturity of digital short edition printing technology

break the "ice" of traditional printing, starting with high-speed digital page color printer! Although the traditional printing method is still deeply rooted in the minds of some users, more and more users with market acumen and market foresight have found the bottleneck of traditional printing, and have seen through the new hope of high-speed digital printing

at present, although the development momentum of on-demand printing has made most users aware of the competitive advantages of digital printing and the importance of increasing revenue and attracting customers, there are also some thorny problems that make users hesitate in the field of digital printing

first of all, facing the high investment threshold of hundreds of thousands and millions of large-scale digital printing equipment, users have to carefully consider the huge risks that may exist. Hesitation and wait-and-see have become their attitude at this time. Secondly, compared with digital printing equipment, color laser printers have obvious cost-effective advantages, but at present, the printing quality and speed of most products are not satisfactory, which also annoys users. Thirdly, the back end of color copiers and inkjet printers not only put forward higher and stricter requirements for various raw materials because of their low iron and aluminum production, but also make users frown because of their good printing accuracy and poor cost

however, the progress of the digital printing industry will not stop because of temporary difficulties. Today, "Oki 9500+best Colorproof", a successful product in the global digital printing field, and the emergence of the most cutting-edge professional color output solution have completely changed all this. Its unique one-time imaging led printing technology and color optimized rip software solidified in the core code make the color output effect exactly the same as the printing effect, And first of all, it has achieved a real physical accuracy of 1200*1200dpi and a professional printing quality close to 150lpi, becoming the first color output solution for high-speed digital printing with printing quality that is really comparable to that of printing equipment

"Oki 9500+best Colorproof" why is it different? As we all know, businesses in the field of digital printing have a pair of picky eyes than other industries. Because in the business of digital short edition printing, the requirements for professional quality of printing materials are more prominent, and professional quality means professional building from inside to outside. To create perfect professional quality, we must have truly professional and high-grade short edition printing software and hardware solutions

first of all, the professional output solution provided by Oki c9500 high-speed digital color page printer is tailored to the requirements of professional colors and short version printing. Its solidified color digital correction RIP software provides advanced color calculation methods and accurate printing color effects. At the same time, color management fully conforms to ICC standards and Pantone standards, ensuring that the output effect fully reaches the real printing colors and special colors. In addition, Its printing color gamut completely exceeds that of similar brand machines, and is no different from the RGB color of large format color inkjet, and the simulated offset color effect is more exquisite

secondly, Oki c9500, the world's fastest color printer, is equipped with accelerated computing software, which ensures a consistent color output speed of 30ppm even when outputting complex color operations. This speed is 1/3 faster than that of similar models. While maintaining unparalleled print quality, it provides higher production efficiency due to its low microwave dielectric constant, And more effectively improve the commercial quality and value of products

thirdly, the cost performance advantage of Oki c9500 is unparalleled. The monthly load is 150000 pages, and the service life of the whole machine is as high as 1million pages. In addition, the structural mode of drum powder separation has once again created a new high of the optimal index of printing cost. At the same time, compared with ordinary laser printing technology, the single imaging LED technology has a simple imaging structure, which is easy to maintain and can effectively reduce the failure rate of the machine

the customized best Colorproof software makes the Oki c9500 easy to integrate into various working environments, and supports popular formats including PS, PDF, tiff, JPEG and all data formats for design and plate making, which greatly meets the application needs from design proofing to graphic output. At the same time, the stop of color simulation power supply (red) such as spot color can make the color performance clear and smooth, and even the most picky customers can be satisfied

in order to meet the printing needs of special industries including graphic output, construction, geology and mining, water conservancy and so on, Oki c9500 provides 328*1200mm ultra long format printing, completely eliminating the processes of banner section splicing and large format spray printing, so that the printing work can be completed at one go

in a word, Oki 9500+best Colorproof is the most professional color output and digital printing solution in high-speed color printing at present. Because of its fast speed, rich color performance, ultra long printing and low cost, it has attracted the attention of the industry, and has been widely favored by users from the graphic output center, architectural home decoration design, advertising design output, newspaper and magazine proofing industry. Its emergence meets the needs of most printing plants and large commercial output centers for professional equipment, and will inevitably lead to the rapid popularization of digital short edition printing, which has become an important milestone in the rapid development of the digital printing market

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