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Shopping bags are not charged, with a maximum fine of 30000. Encourage recycling of plastic bags

the management measures for the paid use of plastic shopping bags in commodity retail places are expected to be issued at the end of April. Some exposure background:

recently, the relevant state departments required that from June 1, 2008, the paid use system of plastic shopping bags should be implemented in all supermarkets, shopping malls, market fairs and other commodity retail places, and plastic shopping bags should not be provided free of charge. The above notice is referred to as the plastic limit order. In order to cooperate with the implementation of the plastic limit order, the Ministry of Commerce has actively organized relevant management measures for the paid use of plastic shopping bags in conjunction with relevant departments. At present, the measures have entered the solicitation stage

perhaps after the end of April, businesses will know what punishment they will face if they give free plastic bags

yesterday, it was learned from the commercial reform department of the Ministry of commerce that the management measures for the paid use of plastic shopping bags in commodity retail places (hereinafter referred to as the measures) are basically expected to be issued at the end of April

a relevant person from the Ministry of Commerce said that the current measures are still in the stage of internal consultation. During this period, various provisions of the measures were covered in the reports of various media across the country. Subsequently, the opinions of relevant businesses in Shenyang were asked

provide plastic bags for free in disguised form

the maximum penalty is 30000

merchant feedback: charging can save money, but the shopping bags should have unified specifications and prices, and the specified standards should be consistent

the exposure draft said: plastic shopping bags should not be sold lower than the cost price, and should not be given in disguised form. Violators may be fined up to 30000 yuan depending on the circumstances. At the same time, shopping bags for fresh food, cooked food, pasta and other commodities can be free of charge, but the perimeter of a single bag is not more than 1400mm

industry feedback: yesterday, I interviewed the heads of two large chain supermarkets in Shenyang. They both said that in fact, shopping bag charging is a good thing for supermarkets. The manager of a medium-sized supermarket in Shenyang said that their supermarket sends out at least 50000 large, medium and small plastic bags a day. If the average cost of a plastic bag is 5 points, 50000 is 2500 yuan, 75000 yuan a month and 900000 yuan a year

however, more than two enterprises believe that making safety and environmental protection is to meet the needs of the current situation. The city is worried about: whether the specifications of shopping bags are unified, whether there are commodity bar codes on the bags, etc., and whether consumers can accept them, and whether all businesses can comply with the regulations. If my family charges and others don't, then some guests will be robbed

the person in charge of a large supermarket in Shenyang said that if the sample fixture only restricts the supermarket's hand carrying shopping bags and does not charge for the plastic bags containing vegetables and fruits, it is worried that consumers will use the plastic bags containing vegetables in the supermarket

the rental booth market should set up points

exclusive shopping bags

merchant feedback: the market is difficult to manage, the brand counter has brand maintenance needs, and it is difficult to implement

the exposure draft said: the market in the form of rental stalls such as the market fair and small commodity trading market should set up exclusive (or part-time) plastic shopping bag business stalls, and indicate the specifications and retail price of plastic shopping bags in a prominent position in the business place. If it is difficult for the booth to issue the plastic shopping bag sales voucher, the plastic shopping bag purchase and sales voucher (account) should be retained for future reference, otherwise the maximum penalty may be 20000 yuan depending on the circumstances

industry feedback: according to an enterprise that currently distributes unified shopping bags to businesses in Shenyang, the current implementation is not very good, and many businesses are unwilling to use the plastic bags uniformly purchased by shopping malls

the relevant person in charge of the industrial and commercial administration of a farmers' market in Tiexi District said that because the sales of stalls in the farmers' market are relatively scattered, it is difficult to understand that businesses charge plastic bags

the staff of a shopping mall in Shenyang, which takes the form of rental booths, also said: if unified procurement, all brands will not agree, because their own shopping bags are also part of the brand

encourage recycling of plastic shopping bags

promote their substitutes

merchant feedback: some supermarkets in Shenyang have been implementing various ways to strive for environmental protection

the exposure draft said: encourage merchants to provide plastic shopping bag substitutes that meet environmental protection requirements, and encourage merchants to carry out plastic shopping bag recycling

industry feedback: our supermarket may promote more non-woven eco-friendly shopping bags. The relevant person in charge of a large supermarket chain said that their supermarket will promote the existing eco-friendly shopping bags in the near future. When shopping reaches a certain amount, they will give a free eco-friendly shopping bag with a retail price of 4.9 yuan

in addition, Russian researchers have used foamed plastic as a new type of road temperature insulation material in road construction to replace the traditional antifreeze layer, so as to ensure that the subgrade does not freeze, gather and separate out layered ice crystals, and plays a role in preventing road frost heave and frost boiling. Plastic bag recycling boxes have been found in some supermarkets, At present, some enterprises have also taken the form of exchanging several plastic bags for environmental protection shopping bags to stimulate consumers to use environmental protection shopping bags. After the real implementation, there will be more ways. A manager of a supermarket said

management department: resolutely implement the final measures, which will involve many departments such as commerce, industry and commerce, and prices in the maintenance and implementation. Interviewed relevant departments about this

in the interview, the relevant business management departments said that they had indeed received a draft for comments on the management measures for the paid use of plastic shopping bags, and had carried out an investigation and fed back their opinions

the commercial department said it would strictly guide commercial enterprises to follow the measures

the price department also said that from the current situation, the pricing of plastic bags belongs to the market behavior of enterprises and cannot be interfered casually. The charging and restriction of the use of plastic shopping bags is actually a major event related to the national environmental protection strategy. Therefore, the price department is also studying whether it is necessary to introduce government guidance prices. A relevant person from the price department said

the person pointed out that on the one hand, it is necessary to prevent commercial enterprises from using high price plastic bags to harm the interests of consumers, on the other hand, it is also necessary to prevent commercial enterprises from using low price plastic bags to carry out unfair competition, but whether it can be implemented depends ultimately on the decision of the superior competent department

in addition, as the Department of industry and Commerce will be responsible for the supervision of supermarkets and shopping malls on shopping bag charges, the relevant person in charge of the Liaoning Provincial Administration for Industry and commerce also said yesterday: we are waiting for specific implementation rules, and will certainly implement them in accordance with the relevant national regulations at that time

Guo Lei and Wang Li

regulation 1: plastic shopping bags cannot be sold lower than the cost price and cannot be given away in disguise. There is no charge for shopping bags used to hold fresh food, cooked food, pasta and other commodities.

regulation 2: Markets in the form of rental stalls such as market fairs and small commodity trading markets, and establish exclusive (or concurrent) (210) wood-based panel plastic shopping bag business stalls.

regulation 3: encourage businesses to provide plastic shopping bag substitutes that meet environmental requirements, and encourage businesses to carry out plastic shopping bag recycling

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