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Shopkeeper's strategy: takeout is hot, and the takeout packaging can't be ignored

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core tip: with the increasing demand in the takeout market, this fat meat is valued by more and more people, and those who break the threshold will be killed. Although the takeout market share is large, it does not mean that the entry threshold is still as low as in the past. The most obvious point is reflected in the small takeout packaging

[China Packaging News] with the increasing demand in the takeout market, this fat meat is valued by more and more people, and will be killed if it breaks the threshold. Although the takeout market share is large, it does not mean that the entry threshold is still as low as in the past. The most obvious point is reflected in the small takeout packaging

ask you a question, will you still look down on takeaway

from the original thin lunch boxes to many exquisite takeaway packaging, lunch boxes have also experienced generation after generation. Just like the grass roots who once just entered the city, they have now found their own small and fresh temperament in the city. Now ask again, who else do you like when making takeout

the most surprising thing is that these small fresh flowers are not forbidden vases. Neishenjun specially found the heads of two takeaway brands. Through careful study, we found that there are many details and tricks of their products. If your takeout hasn't been made, it means that you haven't achieved the best in packaging alone

put on the coat of culture, and the second becomes tall.

at present, a sound and standardized boxed lunch market has not been formed in China, and the requirements for lunch boxes are low. It can be used as a reference for Japan and South Korea, which strive for perfection in both external and internal products

the first is visual design, which makes effective use of traditional handicrafts and local culture. Secondly, in terms of materials, we pay more attention to the selection of modern materials and processing technology. More generally, as long as there is a recyclable ● high-precision wire encoder of the product, even if it will increase the burden on the delivery staff, they also prefer to reuse the tableware. Through observation, domestic brands have learned three skills from their ideas:

1. Embody strong ergonomics to ensure the leakage problem

by studying the way in which the human body opens the box cover, including the direction from which to open, the action and strength when opening, these can cause leakage, which can be completely avoided through the details on a lunch box. As for how to avoid it? Don't worry. Here are some examples

2. The size of the lunch box determines the lifestyle guided

just from the brand side, there are two ways to determine the size: first, considering that white-collar workers are busy, sometimes they may not be able to spare two hands, so the size of the lunch box should be able to hold it with one hand. The second is about the amount of food. Through the capacity of the container, we advocate the idea of eating only a few times full, and guide people to a healthy lifestyle

3. Visual design stresses recognition

takeout usually seems to be just a box of meals, but in Japan and South Korea, it is more regarded as a work of art, built with the overall product concept. By enhancing the appearance, it usually ends in failure, ensuring that the product can be clearly recognized 150 meters away

visible but unexpected detail design

have you ever seen such a tablecloth

how can it become a tablecloth? Tear open the dotted line and expand it. The original opening length is just enough to put all the lunch boxes. Sample, I thought I couldn't find every mystery

wangtianyu, co-founder of WuFan time, said: Nowadays, people's pace of life is speeding up, but the quality of life inevitably becomes rough. It is hoped that through similar design, customers can experience the degree of delicacy of products and appreciate the exquisite life when they are busy

hazy beauty is definitely not the highest level of boxed meals

it often appears that the most disturbing takeaway brand is the smell on the box cover, and more will inevitably affect the taste. The first way for WuFan to solve this problem is to choose dishes that will not change much in taste even if dripping into the breath

the second method: reduce the generation of smog by using PP material. Wang Tianyu said: in the future, we will find more alternative materials, such as materials that can absorb more water and directly absorb the fumes

the hole in front of you is not a hole

a buckle design was found at the bottom of the lunch box cover. In addition to the common heat dissipation effect and ensuring that the dishes will not cool, it also played a role in fixing the lunch box

the design of the corner of the box cover that you didn't care about is very deep. P - compressive strength of corrugated box (n); The extra corner on the box cover is designed at the lower right. According to the law of human mechanics, people will lift the cover from the inside of the right side to the outside when opening the box cover, which is the most action to avoid splashing

lunch boxes also have to find a sense of existence

how to attract more eyeballs without an outstanding appearance? Influenced by the Japanese and Korean enterprise philosophy, WuFan time has found a non printed product of the benchmarking enterprise in the appearance design. It shows the appearance of the lunch box in a minimalist way, and also highlights the characteristics of the Japanese and Korean lunch box. Its strong recognition ensures that you can quickly find your own meal in the vast crowd

the square sometimes seems fuller than the circle

the shape of the takeaway lunch box can't help but remind people of the popular book "the economics of milk and coke", which mentioned that using the square box of milk can make more economical use of shelf space. Because Coke is always drunk in the hand, the cylindrical shape is more hand-shaped, which also offsets the additional storage costs

in addition, for cans with the same capacity, consumers' visual illusion is that short and fat cans have small capacity, but in fact, shorter and fatter cans will save more materials. Therefore, although it can save costs, many people will still choose the high cans favored by consumers

these are better solutions for business based on customer needs. Therefore, a takeaway package needs to be not only from the perspective of users, but also from the perspective of the enterprise's own operating costs

packaging materials that can be touched but not seen through

boxed lunch often has the following requirements for materials:

1 The environmental protection association should also strengthen its guidance and support to all branches, which are high and degradable

2. Thermal insulation material is required. If the food just fried is degrees, the material should make the hand feel temperature not more than 50 degrees, and it can be held firmly in your hand

3. Sufficient hardness. Generally, blister boxes are soft and difficult to hold, but they are low-cost, transparent and environmentally friendly. If you want a harder shape, you need high-end technology

shrimp baby takeout boxes are divided into two types: Le Kou box, fastening type; There is also the fish box with the whole package sealed. It is an environmental friendly lunch box made of foaming material. It has good thermal insulation performance and is very suitable for offices without heating equipment

in addition, there is a tool box for auxiliary products. Now many brands have made a lot of efforts in the richness of tool boxes, but it is easy to ignore the safety of materials

caimingfei, co-founder of shrimp baby, said: usually, most gloves are made of plastic, which is easy to leak and unsanitary. Therefore, powder free silica gel in silica gel gloves can be used, which has a good density and will not leak soup due to overheating of food. At the same time, without powder, it will be safer to grasp food

the series of takeout packaging is not complete yet

1 Starting from the mold, I don't believe you don't have personality

the reason why the lunch boxes in traditional small stores are not too different is that they can't work hard on the mold due to cost pressure. At present, it is not the choice that most enterprises will make to spend more costs on molds. How to maintain the personality of their lunch boxes and allocate the cost at the same time is a topic in front of takeaway enterprises

2. Diversified packaging brings more possibilities

who said that takeout packaging must use lunch boxes? In fact, sometimes meal bags can also become good containers. For example, we found spiral sealed boxes in shrimp baby products, which can effectively prevent leakage

3. Supporting design is the complete design

in the past, because the gross profit margin of boxed lunch was not high and the boss did not pay enough attention, the brand rarely appeared integrated design content

nowadays, traditional dining habits make takeout more productized, creating exquisite menus, complete tools and beautiful packaging. The different styles of lunch boxes began to become unified, but there were differences in size

after the upgrading of packaging, we found that a set of overall product design is very helpful to the degree of specialization and brand publicity of enterprises

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