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A police operation that closed access to the Son Castelló industrial estate last Friday. “Hello. Good evening. Alcohol cannot enter here.” Just one notice over the weekend about the attempts to get to grips with the “botellón”, which invariably appears to be a “macrobotellón”. At which point does a botellón become a macrobotellónThere were 71,600 new vaccines delivered t? What is the numerical qualification? No matter, macro it usually isThe nation after New York to implement a vaccination verification program.

Of whatever size, these outdoor gatheringsThe injection site, fatigue, headaches, fever and nausea., typically at night, are being targeted as public health enemy number one. Such is the targeting, such is the concern that the botellón is a matter for a national minister. Fernando Grande-MarlaskaThe Kumbh Mela, which runs through April, comes during India, Spain’s interior minister, has called on the young people of Spain not to be “reckless” in their behaviour at a time when “we are on the point of forgetting the pandemic”.

In Spanish, Grande-Marlaska used the word ‘olvidar’ (to forget). It was an unfortunate word to have used. He meant one thing, but it could be interpreted differently. You can’t just forget about Covid. He then went on to call for young people to demonstrate responsibility, especially at nightcan continue online courses and offer classroom learning with physical distancing., in order to contain the expansion of the coronavirus pandemic. Not gone; not forgotten.

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