After reading it, I realized that this was the ori

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After reading it, I realized that this was the original choice for Jiabao road sink

for the kitchen, choosing a good sink is very important. How much do you know about the purchase of sinks? Today, let's learn how to choose a sink with Xiaobian

1 size of the sink choose the frequency of use of the sink in the kitchen or the frequency of use of the cabinet is much higher. The first key to choose the sink is the size. Generally, the size of the standard sink is 500px deep, and the vertical angle of the basin wall is 90 degrees. It is best that the drain hole is not in the center of the sink

2 welding life of water tank the use frequency of water tank is high, so the quality of water tank has an impact on the quality of welding. Most families' water tanks are of double tank type. Most of these water tanks will be closely welded without false welding, with excellent quality and strong anti rust and anti desoldering characteristics

3 the width of the sink is determined by the cabinet top. The width size of the domestic sink is usually best selected according to the width of its own cabinet top. Generally, the use depth size of the sink is reduced by about 250px on the cabinet top. Therefore, the width size range of the sink for general household use is 1075px-1200px

4 selection of basket sometimes when using the sink, you often encounter the need to remove the washing debris before washing. Therefore, when choosing the sink, you should also choose the one with large diameter, stainless steel and garbage collection basket. At the same time, it should also have the water removal function of console control, so as to better facilitate life

5 thickness, thinness, weight

the thickness of stainless steel plate in the sink is controlled within the range of 0.8 to 1.2mm. Choosing 304# stainless steel can make the sink have strong toughness and impact resistance. You can press and hold the surface of the sink hard. If it is easy to press, then the material is very thin and qualified. The height of the water tank suitable for domestic use is more than 180mm, which has the advantages of large capacity and splash proof

6 the utilization rate of faucet sink is so high that it is also very necessary to choose a suitable faucet with excellent quality. The domestic sink faucet should preferably be of high parabola shape, which is conducive to daily dishwashing and convenient to wash the pot. The flat bottom drainage basket can effectively use the maximum space, reduce the use area and increase the workload

7 the surface treatment sink usually gives people the feeling of being very smooth. The matte pearl silver surface has high gloss, strong durability and oil resistance, but the wear resistance is general, and there is no embossed surface and frosted surface. There are many types of sinks, such as single trough, double trough, double basin, three basin, etc. What kind of domestic sink to choose, we can choose according to their own kitchen space, living habits and other factors, the right one is the best





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