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The quality of hardbound houses is the focus of residents' concern. When signing the contract for the purchase of hardbound houses, many consumers did not check the terms and instructions in the contract in detail, but they did not realize that the contract was the most favorable basis for safeguarding rights after the house was delivered for use. For consumers who buy hardbound houses for the first time, they should ask some questions about the house before signing the sales contract with the house seller, so as to ensure the quality of hardbound houses. However, when buying hardbound houses, many consumers find that there is not much difference between buying hardbound commercial houses and rough houses when signing contracts, and they do not know how to safeguard their own interests

according to Jin Zheng of the home decoration Committee of Beijing Architectural Decoration Association, so far, there is no house purchase contract specifically for refined decoration commodity houses. The biggest difference between the purchase of refined decoration commercial housing and the blank housing when signing the contract is that there are no other terms related to interior decoration except for some necessary equipment provisions in the blank Housing contract; The refined decoration room is not the case. The contract occupies a large space on the decoration of the house. However, when purchasing fine decorated houses and signing house purchase contracts, it is easy to have problems, which gives developers a loophole, and buyers can't tell if they have difficulties

in this regard, when purchasing hardbound repair houses, we should focus on the following four issues:

first, the construction quality of the project. One of the biggest differences between buying fine decorated houses and buying rough houses is that consumers can't monitor the decoration process from beginning to end, so many owners will feel countless about the project quality. At this time, they can use the house purchase contract to make up for the defects

expert tips: first, specify the construction specifications applicable to the project in the contract, which can refer to the construction specifications for residential decoration issued by the Ministry of construction; Secondly, the project acceptance standards should be specified in the contract (as for the acceptance standards, Beijing has local regulations "Beijing family room decoration project quality acceptance standards"; the Ministry of construction has applicable to the national "residential interior decoration management measures"); Third, the contract should specify the supervision company of the decoration project and require the developer to issue the final report of the legal supervision company

second, the warranty of housing. Many owners don't pay much attention to this problem. Some people think it's unnecessary, and some think it's too troublesome. But in fact, the warranty of residential decoration is very necessary, even indispensable, which should be specially marked in the contract

expert tips: because the quality of some engineering projects is not in place after completion at one time, or many engineering projects need timeliness, some engineering projects may not be able to check whether there are quality problems during completion acceptance, but must be found through use. At present, the state has set the warranty period for the decoration of residential buildings as two years, and we also want to remind you to pay attention





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