The first national designer renderings competition

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If you have design talent, are you still worried about the platform that has no ability to display it? I'll create a vast display platform for you. The first national designer renderings competition will show your creativity and show your talent

our cabinet provides a broad platform for everyone with design talent to work with you to create the future of the cabinet industry. Come to the first national designer effect drawing competition of our cabinet, so that the people of the country can witness your talent and show your creativity

on October 15, Canada 2020 Technology (China) Co., Ltd. will jointly hold the first national designer renderings competition with Nanjing Wule

design is the soul of a work, while the designer is the magician of the work, creating happiness for people with wisdom and hands! The first national designer renderings competition of our music is coming, providing a stage for designers to show their skills

hyundai-10.1 version rendering

hyundai-10.5 version rendering

european-10.1 version rendering

european-10.5 version rendering

a perfect rendering is definitely a powerful help for you to sign the bill. Perfect renderings not only need designers to design good solutions, but also need an excellent software to support them. 2020 design furniture design software is undoubtedly the best choice for your design

if you are using 2020 design, please act quickly, bring your most satisfactory rendering works, and come to our competition. We will have rich prizes waiting for you

time of participation: October 15 to November 15

method of participation:

1. Each of the terminal designers of our cabinet provides a rendering work using our OLO catalogue and rendered with 2020design (no post-processing)

2. Image format: jpg

3. The naming format of the rendering is as follows: province city name

4. Send the [rendering] and [kit format file] to And copy to , please indicate in the email title that "rendering competition"


first prize: iphone6 Plus + Nanjing 2-day tour

second prize: iphone5 S + Nanjing 2-day tour

third prize: iPad Mini + Nanjing 2-day tour

excellent prize 10: ipod+ Nanjing 2-day tour


after the competition, the winners will be jointly selected by our kitchen cabinet and 2020, Awards will be given at the end of November (all winners will receive the honorary certificate issued by our kitchen cabinet and 2020)

technical support:

① every Friday, 2020 technicians will answer all kinds of technical questions in our designer QQ group (172680633)

② provide a tutorial on rendering skills of renderings

leaders' message:

let us all create a warm, fashionable and modern kitchen with perfect design. You are the best designer, and my future belongs to you! -- Wang Chunjun, general manager of Nanjing Wule kitchen cabinet

2020 company has been committed to providing excellent software platform for the home design and sales industry. I hope 2020 design can contribute to the take-off of our kitchen cabinet business. I wish this competition a complete success Xian Qiwei, general manager of Canada 2020 Technology (China) Co., Ltd.

let's raise the flying sailboat, create your own design world, show your design inspiration, say your ideas, let the cabinet industry continue to move forward, create more new products, and create more wonders




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