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Zen poetry said, "there are three narrow worlds of dust in your eyes, and your heart is wide with nothing." It is said that your eyes are covered with dust. Even if you are given three realms, you will live very depressed, but if you have nothing in mind, sitting in your own bed will also feel wide

the Zen poem says, "there are three narrow worlds of dust in your eyes, and a wide bed of nothing in your heart."

it says that your eyes are covered with dust. Even if you are given three realms, you will live very depressed, but if you have nothing in mind, sitting in your own bed will also feel the sky is wide

bed, as the longest habitat to accompany us, is also the most private and storytelling harbor. It is a kind of consideration, a kind of consolation, and also a bond to maintain mutual relations

do you know the person beside the bed and can accurately say his or her favorite style, atmosphere and unique hobbies? Not very familiar

then, let's take a look at

what are the common home styles

European style comes from European style, mainly including French style, Italian style, Spanish style, British style, Mediterranean style, Nordic style and other major schools. European style is a strong cultural connotation expressed by the cultural traditions of European countries. It can be divided into Nordic, simple Europe, and traditional European style according to different regional cultures. The most famous is the Baroque and Rococo style. Later, act Deco and decorative art style became the mainstream of the new world

European style is mainly manifested in: noble, elegant, atmospheric, artistic

people suitable for European style: have certain aesthetic quality, pay attention to quality of life, pursue artistic atmosphere, love romance by nature, and like an emotional life

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the new Chinese style was born in the new era of the rejuvenation of Chinese traditional culture. The ingenious and soft Chinese elements and modern materials, furniture and cloth bedding in the Ming and Qing Dynasties reflect each other, inherit the essence of the home concept in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, refine and enrich the classic elements therein, change the feudal thoughts of hierarchy, dignity and inferiority in the original spatial layout, and inject a new atmosphere into the traditional home culture

style characteristics: mainly traditional furniture, mostly Ming and Qing furniture. In terms of decorations and decorative colors mainly black and red, the indoor layout is mostly symmetrical, with elegant style, simple and beautiful shape, rich and mature colors, and antique furnishings. The overall layout is symmetrical and balanced, upright and stable, and the decorative details advocate natural taste

people who are suitable for the new Chinese style: people who are calm and like Chinese traditional culture have a certain pursuit of the Oriental spiritual realm of elegance, elegance and elegance

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American style what we call American furniture generally refers to the federal style (Federal style), a vein dominated by transplanted culture, which has the luxury and noble spirit of Europa, but combined with the uninhibited soil and water of the American continent. The result of this combination is to eliminate many fetters, but also find a new nostalgic, noble atmosphere, comfortable and casual style with cultural foundation

these elements of American home style just meet the current needs of cultural assets for lifestyle: a sense of culture, a sense of dignity, and a sense of freedom and sentiment

people suitable for American style: people who have a certain economic foundation and prefer Western lifestyle, pursue comfort, give consideration to elegance, pay attention to the quality of daily life, but do not make too much publicity

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modern style is more popular, also known as functionalism, which is the product of industrial society. It is mainly manifested in:

First: color jump

high purity color is widely used, bold and flexible, and multi-functional combinations are used as the sofa background

Second: simple and practical personalized space

needs perfect soft fitting, To show aesthetic feeling

three: multi-functional personality space

modern style features: concise, without too much decoration, advocating scientific and reasonable construction technology, and paying attention to the function of materials. No matter how large the room is, it must appear spacious. The decoration reflects the overall coordination between space and furniture to the greatest extent in the layout, and the modeling mostly adopts geometric structure

people with modern style: pursue fashion and trend, and pay attention to the perfect combination of the layout and use function of the room space

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