Xindi Jiamei opens the door of happiness for us

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Based on the mission of "the creator of quality life", xindijia Meimu door opens the door of happiness for you and me, creates a better life, and spreads elegant life experience, romantic life style and unique aesthetic concepts

life, based on home, extends to this seemingly boundless world little by little, no matter where we go, what we think, or back to the starting point, because this is the deepest warmth in our hearts. I don't know since when, we unconsciously fell in love with the "click" sound of unlocking the door. After that, there was a warm smile from the wife, the boos from the parents, and the innocent play of the children

when we step into our home, we will feel the warmth from our family and wash away the tired dust. Based on the mission of "the creator of quality life", xindijia Meimu door opens a beautiful life for you and me, spreading elegant life experience, romantic life style and unique aesthetic concepts. Here, we will have fashionable and elegant mood and taste, and enjoy special peace and joy

xindijia beautiful wooden door originated in Luban's hometown, carrying forward the profound history and culture and woodworking manufacturing technology, and leading the new development direction of wooden door. In order to meet the different artistic style needs of consumers, the company has developed and designed hundreds of wooden doors; Simple European classic style, Chinese elegant style, simple fashion style, each has a different artistic charm, and each is a perfect integration of fashion and technology

xindijia Meimu door pays more attention to fashion and health. The company strives to create a healthy and environment-friendly wooden door that consumers can truly rest assured, and truly transmit the fire of love to every household. In order to achieve this goal, the company adheres to the concept of "quality at all costs", and produces really safe, healthy, pollution-free and radiation-free wooden doors. In addition, the company has repeatedly stressed the need for excellence, adhered to the use of environmentally friendly adhesives, and adopted advanced high-temperature hot pressing technology to ensure that the wooden door is "firm and unbreakable". This is Xindi Jiamei, an enterprise with conscience and a good brand with conscience

xindijia Meimu door, an expert in eco door manufacturing, has been committed to eco door research for 13 years, a wooden door supplier for the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia, and a wooden door supplier for the Yanqi Lake International Conference Center of the APEC summit in Beijing. For a long time, Xindi Jiamei has been pursuing perfection and paying attention to details. With a scientific, systematic, rigorous and standardized management concept, it is committed to meeting the needs of consumers for high-end wooden doors. No matter from raw materials to product processing technology, or to product delivery inspection, every link is meticulous and rigorous, the quality of each wooden door is perfectly guaranteed, and efforts are made to practice the corporate mission of "the founder of a healthy life"

in recent years, xindijia Meimu door has won many honors, such as "special grade enterprise in China's wood door industry", "China green material environmental protection mark products (ten ring certification)", "executive vice president unit of China wood door association", "double commitment activity unit of product quality and after-sales service of national market and engineering wood door enterprises"





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