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Guangzhou dangerous goods and their packaging logistics must be strictly registered yesterday, it was learned that Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of quality supervision will strengthen the supervision and management of dangerous chemicals and China's building materials demand during the national day, and its packaging and container production enterprises will continue to grow. The flow of dangerous chemicals in all links must be strictly registered

it is understood that the quality and technical supervision department has three major responsibilities in the safety supervision of hazardous chemicals, namely, the issuance of industrial production licenses for hazardous chemicals, their packages and containers, and post license supervision; Quality supervision of packages and containers of hazardous chemicals; Safety supervision on packages and containers of hazardous chemicals

it is reported that the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision, especially in Asia, will hold a working meeting of hazardous chemicals and their packaging and container manufacturers in the city in the near future to publicize relevant laws and regulations and clarify relevant regulatory requirements

the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision said that the Bureau of quality supervision would make a general survey on the quality of hazardous chemicals and their packaging and container manufacturers in the city, find out the basic situation of the enterprises, establish targeted enterprise quality archives, and urge the enterprises that have not obtained the production license of industrial products to obtain the production license as soon as possible. 1. General range selection principle: 0~50kg for determining the tensile strength of garment leather; 0~100kg shoe upper leather; The sole leather is 0 250kg. At the same time, enterprises will be urged to establish a standardized registration system for the sale, purchase and use of hazardous chemicals, in particular, enterprises will be urged to establish, improve and implement the inspection and record system for the license holding of sales objects. Strictly record the flow direction of hazardous chemicals at all links. Enterprises must strictly control the sales. For hazardous chemicals that endanger the life and safety of the people, they must establish and improve the sales account system, so as to ensure that the purchase channels are clear, the sales flow direction records are complete, and eliminate potential safety hazards. Supervise the safety of pressure vessels in production, transportation, storage, sales, use and other links, supervise the implementation of rectification measures in case of potential safety hazards, and close down and scrap the equipment that cannot be rectified

1 ordinary enterprises cannot do it

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