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Dassault systems opened a new era of environmental protection design for Great Wall Motors on March 19, 2009, the bellows ring stiffness tester was widely used to measure the ring stiffness of thermoplastic pipes and fiberglass pipes with annular cross-section. Beijing - Dassault syst è MES, the global leader in 3D technology and product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions (Paris eurosecurities: 13065,), Today, it was announced that Great Wall Motors Co., Ltd. (GWM), China's largest manufacturer of commercial pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles (SUVs), has adopted the Dassault system ENOVIA material compliance centraltm to establish an enterprise wide environmental compliance platform to promote environmental design. At present, JieXi Information Consulting Co., Ltd., the Chinese partner of Dassault systems, is assisting Great Wall Motors to deploy this solution. Through this platform, Great Wall Motors can take environmental compliance as an important strategy, vigorously enhance competitiveness, and successfully expand the global market in a new era when environmental protection has become the basic requirement of the industry

ENOVIA material compliance central based on the ENOVIA V6 platform is a business process application designed to help enterprises adopt a positive environmental compliance strategy in the whole life cycle from product design to product scrapping. This application can provide material inspection solutions for automobile manufacturers such as Great Wall Motors. ENOVIA material compliance central provides more powerful search functions and analysis capabilities to test whether materials meet relevant regional and global regulations throughout the product life cycle, making it easier for enterprises to collect, sort out and create part level material inspection reports and material composition data

with the strengthening of social sense and increasingly stringent material compliance requirements, "green" has become a trend in the manufacturing industry in many countries. For a long time, Great Wall Motors has also regarded social and environmental protection design as the core of its corporate goals. It will be based on China's strategic deployment elements in the new round of scientific and technological revolution in the world

lishuli, vice president of Great Wall Motor Technology Research Institute, emphasized: "While Great Wall Motors is actively expanding its overseas business, ensuring that our products comply with international material requirements and environmental standards will be an important factor for us to achieve business success and achieve our green commitment. The application of ENSO system enoviamaterial compliance central is a special investment, enabling us to actively manage thousands of parts involved in product development and all reports and reports of many suppliers in the process of product development Analysis requirements. "

zhaoheng, general manager of Dassault systems in Greater China, said: "we are very happy to expand our cooperative relationship with Great Wall Motors. At the same time, we see that Great Wall Motors regards environmental protection design as a strategic long-term business, otherwise it will not be accepted". We believe that an effective understanding of complex international regulations is very important for timely innovation and new product development. From another point of view, Great Wall Motors has used a steel sample with a certain hardness to test several times. ENOVIA material compliance Central has once again proved that our professional environmental compliance solutions are attracting customers all over the world, including many important direct markets such as automobiles and high technology. "

about Great Wall Motors Co., Ltd.

Great Wall Motors Co., Ltd. is a large private multinational company, the first private automobile enterprise listed in Hong Kong H shares, and the largest professional pickup truck and SUV manufacturer in China. The company has more than 30 holding subsidiaries and more than 20000 employees. At present, it has four complete vehicle production bases of cars, MPVS, SUVs and pickups, with a production capacity of 400000 vehicles. It has the ability to independently support core components such as engine, front and rear axles

about Dassault syst è MES

Dassault system is a global leader in PLM solutions and 3D technology, creating value for more than 100000 customers in 80 countries. Since 1981, as a pioneer of 3D software, Dassault system has continuously developed and promoted PLM application software and services supporting industrial processes, and provided 3D data display models for the whole life cycle of products from concept to maintenance to recycling. Dassault's products include

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