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Danone Evian mineral water will be sold exclusively

it is reported that Danone, the producer of e-reducing resource waste via mineral water, is negotiating with Coca Cola and Cadbury schweiss, and the company may authorize a soft drink company to sell Evian mineral water in the United States. This will help promote it and provide an opportunity to show. Users of Evian mineral water can edit report sales in any format as needed. Last year, the brand faced strong competitors, such as Coca Cola's Dasani mineral water and Pepsi's aguafina mineral water. The largest gap between the first and second leaf springs of Danone has bottled water products of various brands, and it is still the fourth largest bottled water company in the United States. However, the sales of Evian fell by 5% last year

Frank Riboud, CEO of Danone, attributed the decline of Evian in the United States to sales problems. In the United States, 60% of evain's sales are through Coca Cola, and the other 40% are through Pepsi bottling and other companies

now, Danone believes that the establishment of a comprehensive license agreement with Coca Cola or Cadbury Swaziland will further improve the sales network and carry out sales in a more organized way, which will make the brand more developed in bottled water

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