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Daqing Petrochemical's ethylene yield ranks first in China

the first chemical plant of Daqing Petrochemical Company has strengthened fine management, and the ethylene plant with an annual output of 600000 tons has given full play to its maximum production capacity. As of May 10, this plant has produced 219900 tons of ethylene, with an average daily output of 1705 tons. Its main economic and technical indicators have reached the best of similar ethylene plants in China. The "diene" yield of ethylene and propylene has reached 49.97%, an increase of 0.29% compared with last year, and the yield ranks first among ethylene production enterprises in China

at the beginning of this year, the plant further strengthened the management of production equipment and key parts, strictly standardized the standardized operation of post personnel, worked hard to improve the quality and frequency of plant inspection, and took multiple process optimization measures to promote the development of resource-based industries towards intensive processing, so as to ensure the optimized and stable operation of ethylene plants

technicians determine the feeding composition and system temperature according to the operation cycle, effectively improving the ethylene output and yield. At the same time, the plant optimizes the operation of cracking furnace and accurately controls the Ethylene Quench Oil. 5.1 main work contents of environmental impact assessment: the elastic recovery of tower liquid level does not affect the key factors such as indentation diagonal and air cooler, so as to realize the stable cutting of cracking furnace, reduce the impact of temperature fluctuation on raw material processing depth and ethylene yield during switching, reduce the ethylene loss by 15 tons each time, increase the ethylene output by about 1500 tons per year, and increase the efficiency by more than 10 million yuan

through the recovery and secondary utilization of the excess steam in the steam pipe of ethylene plant, the zero discharge of steam, condensate and other systems can be realized. Strictly control with water pipes, dynamically monitor circulating water equipment, and save 62000 tons of water in the first four months of this year

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