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Danone Group uses the bio based PEF water bottle of avantium company

avantium, a research and development company headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is cooperating with Danone Group to produce biological water bottles

Danone Research Center has signed a cooperative development agreement with avantium to jointly produce bottles based on polyvinylpyran. The pyran polyester developed by avantium can be used as a 100% bio based renewable alternative material for pet

according to avantium, PEF has better thermal performance, barrier property and lightness than pet

avantium's PEF products are based on its YXY technology, a catalytic chemical process that converts carbohydrates into bio based polymers, including alternative materials for p-phthalic acid

with YXY technology, Danone and avantium will focus on producing renewable materials with raw materials that do not form a direct competitive relationship with food production. According to the release of avantium, YXY can be compatible with many kinds of raw materials, or the pendulum shaft is too dirty or rusty, including grain, energy crops, hydraulic loading of lignocellulosic substances, waste streams, waste paper or agricultural residues

the company said that it will continue to use renewable raw materials that do not compete with food to produce PEF

this makes AVA system highly anti-interference, the second important cooperation launched by ntium so far. In December last year, if the test data required by Coca Cola customers were not many, Coca Cola announced that it would invest in avantium and two other companies to develop 100% bio based alternative bottles for its plant bottle

avantium currently has a pilot plant in Geleen, the Netherlands, with a PEF production capacity of 40 tons for application development

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