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Data analysis technology to improve the quality of carton products (Part 2)

determine the production process of single-sided machine through test data analysis, and improve the quality of single-sided corrugated board. The strength of corrugated board is an important factor to determine the quality of carton. The height of corrugated board, the number of corrugated boards per 30cm length unit and the waveform characteristics of corrugated board are important conditions to affect the strength of corrugated board. Due to the structural characteristics of corrugated board, it determines the corrugated paper rate of length unit. The competition in the carton industry is to produce cartons that meet the quality standards on the basis of the most economical use of materials. So, how can we do that? We have improved the production process from the corrugating roller that determines the amount of paper to be used. Based on the fact that we have two single-sided corrugating units, and one unit (1e machine) has serious corrugating teeth that need to be replaced with a new roller, when making a new corrugating roller, we directly customized the corrugating roller as: 48 teeth 30cra (number of corrugating teeth per unit length); The height of corrugating teeth of the tile roll is 2.9mm (i.e. the distance from concave surface to convex surface), which is 4 more teeth than the original number of corrugating teeth, while the height of corrugating teeth is slightly reduced, but still controlled within the standard range. Our other unit (2# unit) is: 44 teeth/30cm; The height of corrugated roll ridge teeth is 3.12mm. In this way, under the condition that the production process, environment and paper quality of the two single-sided corrugating units of the same model are the same, we have conducted many production tests, inspection and comparative analysis, and obtained the following production process conclusions: Although the 1. However, the 2m corrugated paper produced by the 2machine can only form 1.385m corrugated board, and the edge pressing strength, bonding strength and plane compressive strength of the corrugated board produced by the machine are lower than those of the 1. It can be seen that the 1machine not only uses less paper than the 2machine, but also produces high-quality corrugated cardboard. Therefore, we plan to change the corrugated roller of the 2machine to the same specification as the lmachine at an appropriate time, so as to improve the product quality of single-sided corrugated cardboard. By testing and analyzing the plane compressive strength of single-sided corrugated board, the rationality of the operation process of single-sided machine can be judged.

the author found in the practice of quality management that under the same temperature and humidity conditions, sometimes the quality of corrugated board produced by single-sided machine is unstable. For example, if the quality index of the stock paper is high, sometimes the hardness of the produced corrugated board is worse than that of the stock paper with low quality index. It can be seen that the production process of single-sided machine, such as the control of speed, temperature and adhesive during machine production, largely determines the forming quality of corrugated board. Since the edge pressing strength of single-sided corrugated board can not be detected, the production process quality is often judged only by hand touch. However, it is difficult to accurately judge whether the production operation and process control of single-sided machine are appropriate. In this regard, the author has obtained scientific test data for analysis by testing the plane strength of corrugated board, so as to master and understand the production process effect of single-sided machine. The method is as follows: first make a circular cast iron bottom bracket with a diameter of 11.7cm, and its thickness specification is 2cm, and then use the electronic compression strength tester for detection. Before testing, take a single corrugated board (two layers) and use yq-z-7 quantitative sampling knife to cut several standard samples (area: loocm2). When testing, first place the circular bottom bracket on the lower pressing plate of the tester. After the instrument is zeroed and calibrated, the circular sample can be placed on the circular bottom bracket for testing. When the sample is crushed, the data displayed on the screen is the plane compressive strength value of the sample. Generally speaking, under normal circumstances, the base paper has a high quantitative and ring pressure index, and the plane compressive strength of the processed corrugated board is also relatively high. If the quantity and ring pressure index of the base paper are high, but the plane compressive strength of the produced corrugated board is low, it indicates that the temperature, speed or adhesive during the production of the single-sided machine are not properly controlled, and corresponding measures should be taken to adjust and control, so as to use good paper to produce good quality corrugated board and fundamentally improve the product quality of the carton

determine the paperboard mounting quality of different machines through sampling inspection and comparison, so as to scientifically and reasonably arrange the production operation under the condition of small deformation.

after the production of single-sided corrugated paperboard, it is necessary to use automatic overlaying machine or manual laminating machine to mount the pre printed white paperboard, so as to complete the paperboard processing process. Due to different machine structures and adhesives, the quality and effect of paperboard mounting are also different. Through inspection and comparative analysis, we found that there was a great difference in the processing quality of the paperboard mounted by automatic overlaying machine and manual laminating machine. The structure and performance of the automatic overlaying machine are much better than those of the manual laminating machine. However, the adhesive strength and edge pressing strength of the paperboard mounted by the automatic overlaying machine are lower than those of the manual laminating machine. From this, we can judge that there are certain problems in the operation of the machine, the suitability and viscosity of the adhesive, and we need to take corresponding measures to control them. In addition, automatic overlaying machine and manual laminating machine are used to mount polished pre printed white board respectively. For the semi-finished paperboard produced by these two processes, during the inspection, we found that the paperboard mounted by manual laminating machine has a high probability of foaming and degumming, while the automatic overlaying machine rarely has such adverse conditions. Therefore, according to the usual test data, we analyze the solution of 3. Steel plate tensile test, and try to arrange the calendered pre printed white board to be mounted automatically on the Japanese and Korean technology-leading overlaying machine in this field, which has better improved the processing quality of the products

in conclusion, by using data analysis technology to detect the quality of semi-finished products, finished products or the production process of new processes, and obtaining scientific data for analysis and comparison, we can more accurately determine the problems and causes of production process and product quality, and then formulate production process measures scientifically and reasonably, which can not only achieve the purpose of saving production raw materials, but also better improve product quality, This is the good result of promoting IS09001:2000 quality management system, and it is also the goal of modern enterprise quality management


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