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Raytheon 911 air 8th generation i7 notebook gtx1050ti evaluation performance characteristics test

Raytheon 2018 high performance Game Book Recommendation: thunderobot Raytheon 911 air 8th generation i7 notebook is gtx1050ti 4G unique, using a full screen narrow border, size 15.6 inches. Specifically, how is the configuration of this pen Raytheon 911 air 8th generation i7 notebook? He is particularly grateful for the performance of his dilemma. Here is a detailed introduction to the configuration characteristics of this notebook, Can we start with the performance of this game

first, let's take a look at how to judge whether the Raytheon 911 A is qualified or not. IR features:

at present, the Raytheon 911 air notebook adopts Intel's eighth generation IH processor, which can greatly improve the processing performance of the notebook. The graphics card is also the latest good game in the market. The independent NVIDIA geforce gtx1050ti graphics card also meets the needs of many game players, It can become enjoyable and smooth during the game. Ray Gibbs explained: "The improvement in material processing has begun to pay off. God's notebook uses not only mechanical hard disk, but also solid-state disk. 1TB mechanical hard disk combined with 128G solid-state disk, which improves the overall running speed of the notebook a lot. It is also the standard configuration of mainstream game notebooks at present. The memory is also super large 8GB memory. The whole configuration is inclined to the configuration of game notebooks." User comments

II. Appearance and display of Raytheon 911 air:

at present, the notebook of Raytheon 911 air has three colors, one is gold, the other is genus and gray. For color controlled friends, it is better. You can freely choose your favorite game book color, and the thickness is about 20.0mm The weight is not very heavy, about 2kg, which is more convenient to carry

III. service performance test:

I started this Raytheon 911 air and tested it with Master Lu. There is no recycling value and the comprehensive score is about 28w, as shown in the following figure. However, in terms of startup, the speed is OK. It takes about 8s from Startup to entering the windows interface. In terms of games, the game of eating chicken is very smooth in the test. In terms of exhaust fan, the sound is not big. In terms of heat dissipation, after running for several hours, the temperature has been displayed on the left and right, which is a little hot. It should be better to add a heat dissipation base in the later stage

as the 2018 Raytheon 911 air game book, it is still commendable. Considering the above configuration and performance, it is a game notebook that is still worth starting on the market. At present, the official activity quotation is: ¥ 6999.00, which is also a notebook with high cost performance in the game book. Friends who need it can pay attention to it

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