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How about Raytheon 911m Xingyao notebook? Raytheon game book 911me 8 generation i7 star shining version evaluation

Raytheon new best-selling Game Book Recommendation: Raytheon game book 911me 8 generation i7 star shining version, at present this notebook is the latest, the official is in the process of booking, how about the function of your notebook, is it good? Let's take a look at the configuration introduction and comments of this Raytheon notebook, hoping to help friends in need

I. configuration features of Raytheon game book 911me 8-generation i7 Xingyao version:

Raytheon 911m Xingyao version adopts the eighth generation i7 processor, GTX 1060 independent graphics card, with 128G solid-state disk and 1TB mechanical hard disk. It has 6 cores and 12 threads, single core Rui frequency can reach 4.1ghz, multi-threaded processor capacity can be increased by about 30%, and it supports ddrmhz dual channels. The performance experience plays a decisive role in leaps and bounds compared with the previous generation. When I first use the Raytheon game book 911me 8 generation i7 Xingyao version, I shouldn't be surprised, but due to the increasing waste of plastic packaging, I closed this experience for no reason.

II. Other models of Raytheon game book 911me 8 generation i7 Xingyao version comment:

generally speaking, it's good. At present, it has been used for more than a week without any problem. When I play large-scale games, the CPU temperature has been hovering between, which is still acceptable, The sound of heat dissipation is a little loud, but this is the problem of most notebooks. The appearance is quite good. I fell in love with it at the first glance. I suggest taking a seat in a physical store to facilitate promotion and after-sales

the computer does not affect the total number of experiments received. I've been paying attention to this model for a long time. At first, it's because of its appearance and good configuration, but the price is a little higher, but it's worth it. After receiving the goods, the only thought is, really handsome! The express box is huge, and the express brother's car can't fit. He specially sent it to me alone. The opened box is also very high-end, and the most important thing is the computer giant handsome

the first time I bought a computer on, I have to say, it's worth it! First of all, the customer service is excellent, the service attitude is particularly good, very patient, and the delivery speed is also fast. The payment was received the next day in the afternoon of the first day, super! After unpacking, it was also confirmed that it was intact. Haha, now the commonly used software is being downloaded and installed. The appearance is very handsome and the performance is also great! The sound of the fan is not big, and the 72% color gamut IPS screen is very comfortable to use, which is highly recommended! Give customer service a compliment

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